‘You’re kidding me!’ Scores on huge mental errors by pirates

Every once in a while, something happens on the baseball field that stops you and says, “Wait, what?” One of those moments was the Cabs-Pirates game in the third inning on Thursday afternoon, a game that the Javanese badge started from a regular grounder.

Will Craig, the pirate’s first baseman, almost certainly urged his agent to lobby the MLBPA to ensure that it was permanently added to the NL as part of a certain collective bargaining agreement.

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This game boggles the mind, and not just at first glance. At first glance or two the answer is immediately “Wait, what happened?” The question is, “Why?” The follow-up possibility will be stunned forever.

Jim Desaize, a color analyst at Shavika Broadcast, says twice, “You make fun of me!” The game just continues. And John Symbi, a very good at business, just repeats his partner because new words often fail in such situations, and all you can do is repeat the newest thing your mind has recorded.

Let’s watch the play

The throw from Eric Gonzalez to cross the diamond was a bit wide, sure, pulling Craig down the line. But Badge hit hard, and he wasn’t particularly close to the base before, so all Craig had to do was take a few steps back and touch the base. That is Instead, when the badge starts to return to the plate, Craig follows him.

Why I have no idea. An innate chess instinct, maybe? A desire to be part of history, possibly? I mean, for real, how many times do you get a chance to be a rundown part between the home plate and the first base? He will take the opportunity, won’t he?

Mostly, perhaps, it was the deceitful nerves. He is primarily the first baseman since 2017, but it was only Craig’s 1st game at the Big.

Did we mention there were two boycotts already? Stepped on the bag and finished.

And since there were two outs, Wilson Contreras in the second was running in the play, and he was running in the third. It was head-up, in the fashion of “maybe try something”. Well, something happened. Craig didn’t catch the badges exactly as he had pierced him, and then when he noticed Contreras doing home sprinting, he tossed catcher Michael Perez but was slow to take the runner.

The badge jumped and sprinted to the first base, which was now empty. Perez picked up the ball and threw it to second baseman Adam Frazier, who was running to cover the first, but the throw was behind him and Fraser dropped it. The ball went to the right field and the interest bounced and spun into the second, where he entered safely.

Go ahead, look at the whole thing again. And then text or call any pirate fans you know and tell them there are better days, of course.

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