You can’t mask this reality

It is deeply frustrating for me to think about how many different players in 2020 were misinformed about healthcare. In my 47-year career, I have never seen any president, his administration, the leaders of the Federal Health Agency, many elected officials. And many others distort and deceive and most of them I have witnessed this past year. Some news organizations and individual journalists reached new heights in explanation and analysis to help the public. But other corners of the journalism and public relations business sink to the bottom of Drake’s daily drumbeat – more harm than good.

On this page I will review the HealthNews review in 2020. Others were written by Mary Chris Jaklevic, Joe now writes for the Journal of the American Medical Association (Dress)

Many of the texts embedded in these posts are as valid today as they were months ago.

January 1 :: A Machine-vs. Doctor Fixation Masks Important Questions About Artificial Intelligence.

January 1 :: How easy it is to get confused by Medicare Advantage Marketing

(There was a 2 month gap in the publication when I thought it was safe to go on vacation. You can see that it ended abruptly in March.)

March 1 :: News labels release to combat the global pain of increased claims

March 20: Sitika victim! How 2 stories were reported with different strengths in the same study

March 22:

The President and the Epidemic: The End of Two Months, Deception and Distortion

March 2: Federal health agencies block journalists’ access to COVID-1 experts and information.

April 1: Strict warnings are lacking in the form of the Trump Promise COVID-1 research

April :: Self-Promoting MDs Unproven COVID-1p Epidemic Treatment

April 1 :: ‘Like your lungs’? Increased screening claims are more common than ever

April 1 :: Reduce your vultures in the Gilead news

April 21: The New York Times “OK” column is unhealthy again – in the wake of ongoing epidemic advice

April 2: Coronavirus shines on super-spreaders of misinformation

April 2 :: COVID-1 research News Rollercoaster Running Again: STAT News + Reconstruction of Gilead

April: 0:

What the public didn’t hear about the NIH remedial trial

May :: The beginning of a study is often not good news – when you bring God into it

May :: healthnewsbrewview Thanks for missing, but it’s still here

May :: Mutations of the mutated coronavirus upset scientists about print journalism

May: Flames and errors in llamas and coffee in the New York Times

May 1 :: Warning: Preliminary vaccine test results are not always time tested

May 20:

Epidemic Journalism: Online training for thousands of international journalists

May 21: Avoid single sick, single source COVID-1 stories – especially in “treatment”

June 2: Min0 minutes boosts a hospital’s “plasma assurance”

June :: Reuters report COVID-19 is another classic case study of how not to cover news

June 12: Same old, same old, with New York Times Well column – bisphosphonates for pneumonia this time

June 1 :: Dexamethasone COVID-1 drug is open after drug news

June 1 :: Pharma PR appears in STAT newsletter as unvetted COVID-19 vaccine news

June: 0: Give me 2 observational studies and an anti-internet for breakfast

July :: Some global reactions to the news of the big purchase of American Reddyvir

July 1 :: d Why do vague patient reports make international news on Redeemer?

July 1: Criticism of the New York Times coronavirus drug and treatment tracker

July 21: Jama: Communicating science during an epidemic

Jama: Communicating science during an epidemic

July 21: COVID-19 provides one-day alert reminders of drug and vaccine news

July 2 :: Health News Review in the news about COVID-1

July 2: What you need to know about Alzheimer’s test news

July 0: Things to think about when you hear about the “end of the year” vaccine

August: Impact of drug company journalism

August 6: PR’s Crazy Week and Study News should teach us how / what to ignore

August 24: Convincing Plasma: Another Controversial Struggle in Politics and Science

September :: It has come: Vaccination-in Animals Pharmaceutical Industry PR and News Ignore

September ::

The best storm of politics, PR, polluted messages to the people

September 2 :: How COVID-19 drug / vaccine decisions may be based on less evidence

November :: Post-Election Health Report: A Time for Treatment

November :: Transparency of pharmaceutical companies, investigations by journalists, vaccination news is important

November 2 :: “Doing Health and Medical Research” – The Global Investigative Research Journalism Network Our Contribution to a New Global Resource

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