Who wins and why? Predictions for Suggestion 11 and Round 11

Round 11 has already been postponed due to Melbourne’s newest COVID-19 outbreak.

Some games have moved from their original location but we will still get a full round of nine games (fingers crossed).

Can we control what we think happens on the field and we believe that will win.

So, who will win and why? Search below:

Western Bulldogs Melbourne

Friday night – Marvel Stadium

It may not be the game pictured in our heads a week ago, but the Melbourne and Western Bulldogs will face off anyway at Marvel Stadium.

It will be a battle between two -1-11 teams with the winner controlling the top spot.

The Dogs would be without Adam Trailoir, but this is still the performance of two high-powered midfielders.

Melbourne has big stars in the inner body to make life harder for the likes of Tom Libretor and Marcus Bontempelli and controlling the stoppage is the key to slowing down the Bulldog movement.

Even a small bulldog with monsters is a major forward threat to challenge the defense, if they provide adequate supplies.

On the dog side, they play better marvels than any team in the league and the opposition can score on the foot if their guard falls for a minute.

The Bulldogs won a similar competition last year at the Metricon Stadium.

For dogs to get into favorites, it can be difficult to find out if their injuries are too much for them, especially for defense.

Melbourne’s forward line could be different in this game if their midfield is also severed.

Suggestions: B point Melbourne

Negrepontis is nothing

Colliwood Woodwood Jilongg

Saturday – MCG

Collingwood and Zilong have gone in different directions since last season’s semi-final encounter.

Slow board level rubbling with poor on-field performances has made a year out of hell for struggling Magpies.

The club’s final defeat in Port Adelaide is the eighth of their campaign and they have been embroiled in much debate with Nathan Buckley’s coaching future at 11-1.

Collingwood only competed in singles points for last week’s match, despite being highly competitive and winning the ball unopposed.

Meanwhile, Jill Ong traveled to the Gold Coast by 34 points to maintain his top four position.

The only down star midfielder Mitch Duncan was facing the end of the game, which meant he would miss Saturday’s clash.

Sitting third in the fray, the Cats are looking for a double chance coming in September and another win is needed to maintain that charge.

The two Victorian heavyweights met twice last season as the Cats removed Pie from the inning 68-point belt from the final series.

Low-scoring games have become commonplace in meetings between the two with only 100 points once after 201.

Suggestions: Geelong scored 1 point.

Alex Jaya

Brisbane vs. GWS Giants

Saturday – Gabba

The Lions were very good last weekend. When he got close to the Tigers and got up in person, the 28th Avengers had seen them before.

They host GWS with no fresh injury concerns, allowing them to back up the settlement.

Many did not underestimate the monsters in Round 10, but they brought the next four points on the West Coast to the subject of banking and found themselves slots within the top eight.

Jeremy Finlayson returned and Toby Green and Bobby Hill helped fill the scoring gap left by the relative absence of Toby Green and Jesse Hogan.

But this is the other end of the field that could again be problematic on set with defender Sam Taylor for two months. In front of that Lions key is Eric Hipwood and Joe Danier running up and down with the support of little kids Charlie Cameron and Jack Bailey.

The Lions are in a strong position to make it seven wins in a row and it should be very difficult for them to lose at Gabba.

The Giants will be competitive but the pool could be enough to keep Brisbane away from home.

Suggestions: 2 points by Kle Singh.

Andrew Slivison

St Kilda v North Melbourne

Saturday – Marvel Stadium

St Kilda and North Melbourne will clash at the Marvel Stadium, which does not exactly demand the attention of the football community.

The Kangaroos proved that they are comfortably the worst team in the competition, while the Saints have been playing like four sides down in recent weeks.

In Round 10, both sides are recovering from an embarrassing loss, with the Saints 111 A’s defeating the Dog Group and the North defeating Ascendon by 722 points.

While North fans don’t enter this game with much confidence in any of you, the recent head-to-head record says there’s a good chance they’ll be distracted.

St Kilda last beat North Melbourne in 201 North, Rouge claimed victory in the last four meetings.

The last time they met was in Round 1, 2020, when the Kangaroos came up with a two-point victory at half-time from 22A points.

Veteran midfielder Ben Connington was unbeaten for the North that day, picking three 25-disposal, three Brownlow votes for a two-goal game. If his team is to win for the second time this season, he has to speak big again.

While recent head-to-head records are on the north side, you can’t pick them up because of their current development phase.

The saints of Brett Ratten should have a lot of talent and experience on board to work easily.

Suggestions: St. Kilda scored 34 points.

Lachlan Escort

Gold Coast vs. Heather

Saturday Night – SCG

The pressure is set to ramp up on the Gold Coast as they come up against a game against Hawthorne and both sides will be aiming to win.

The Suns were knocked out in last week’s defeat against Jill Ong, while the Hawks fought against Carlton but were eventually knocked out at the end of last Saturday’s competition at the MCG.

The battle between the two lower four sides promises to be complicated in their own right, and can very well put pressure on a team that is not far from the game with four points.

Tom Mitchell is getting plenty at this point and the Sons will have to do a lot of work for him, Stuart Dule has yet to see if he can deploy a tough tag or take a run-along player to the Hawks star.

The Gold Coast is probably the favorite for it, considering the game being played outside of Victoria, but it’s the real 500-50 competition that goes right down to the wire.

Suggestions: Gold Point Gold Coast.

Lawrence Rosen

West Coast vs. Ascendant

Saturday night – Optus Stadium

Ascendon’s fifth game outside Victoria in 20se1 has set him back for a challenging task against the Eagles who will be smart to lose another game on the road last week.

West Coast are in an interesting position this year, they have lost four of their three games so far this year but are unbeaten in games at Optus Stadium.

If their form away from Perth continues in the coming weeks, the pressure on them to win home increases.

The bombers destroyed North Melbourne by 2 points last week as the next generation on their side showed their influence, but they would have a chance to shout back to the West about what they had to do against Russia.

Rock will be one side where the Eagles are looking to take advantage, with Ascendant’s first favorite Sam Daper still caught and not sure to return this week.

Many have made strong runs off the form of Andrew McGrath, Darcy Paris and Zach Merritt, but how the West Coast ball goes up against the outfit player.

Adam Simpson’s side is clear favorites for this and should win relatively comfortably, but don’t let the bombers, who have a lot of influence on this bomb, get away with it.

Suggestions: West Coast points by 2 points.

Lawrence Rosen

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Richmond v Adelaide

Sunday – Giants Stadium

Richmond had planned to return to MCG for the first time since early May, but COVID-19’s plans to land in western Sydney thwarted those plans.

The Tigers came out of the eight and lost to the Lions in Brisbane and to stay in touch with the top teams just need to win it.

Yes, they are without some key midfielders, and although some of them will probably return in the coming weeks (maybe even this week), the ruling elites will have to face this time without their full side.

They too will now face the loss of Tom Lynch for at least a month.

It will be a tough test as Matthew Knicks has proven to be more than a competitor around the ball and they can match it perfectly.

They should reproduce whether they won last week’s one-point win against the undefeated Demons or risked the top when the Sittwe Ti Tigers organization was at risk.

Sitting on the Tigers -5–5, Damien Hardwick would be oriented to the edge on the positive side of the laser. This season will be important for business ahead.

Richmond has the best of the best and even with luck on neutral ground, they should look at the fat crow side.

Suggestions: Richmond 22 points.

Andrew Slivison

Sydney v Carlton

Sunday – SCG

A fascinating game at Sydney vs. Carlton SCC and looms as an old-fashioned eight-pointer.

If Hans loses two at Trott, it could open the door for the Blues and Fremantle favorites in the top eight.

Sydney had a good game with the Duckers last week, with Lance Franklin scoring six goals. Carlton, meanwhile, beat Hawthorne in a scrap.

The Blues won the same final last year at the Metrican Stadium, with a Matthew Cottrell goal setting them apart in the dying minutes. Carlton beat Swansea in 2011.

Their high line will put the Hans’ defenders in trouble, while on the other hand there is a historical record against the Franklin Blues.

It probably comes down to midfield battles and who takes control. Ed Carno is expected to block the impact of either Luka Parker or Pen Mills, while Hans should do some work on the ultra-compliant Sam Walsh.

There will be a lot of work to be done quickly against both Tom Hickey’s Mark Pitnett and Tom De Koning and the Blues will need to work with Nick Blake when he gets there.

Carlton have lost their underdogs so far this season, but must take the skull to prove their legitimacy.

The Hans have performed well enough this year to make them believe in this competition, but it should be a similar game.

Suggestions: Sydney 12 by.

Negrepontis is nothing

Port Adelaide v Fremantle

Sunday – Adelaide Oval

Both Port Adelaide and Fremantle take victorious form in Sunday’s game at the Adelaide Oval.

In order to stay in touch with the top four, Power defeated Low Cliffwood by one point in a low score scrap on the road.

There wasn’t much to write home about Port’s performance as they lost competitive force and clearance calculations and were far from their best perception.

But with another valuable four points on the bank – unimaginably – Power is well placed 7–3 which has come in the middle of the season.

Closing three direct losses, the Dockers returned to the list of winners with an exciting home win in the top eight side Sydney.

Captain Net FIFA’s late goal proved to be the winner as Freo claimed the victory by two points.

They are now tied with ninth-ranked Richmond and eighth-ranked GWS on a points-win record.

Fremantle last won at the Adelaide Oval, beating Cowley 1 in the Crown. The number was defeated.

Dockers need to improve their far-reaching form if they are to make eight. This is an opportunity to increase their final evidence.

Fremantle never lost to Power at the Adelaide Oval.

Suggestions: 22 Ackley Port Adelaide.

Alex Jaya


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