Which states are hitting the COVID-1V vaccine tipping point?

As of April 1, the COVID-1 vaccine vaccination qualification has been opened for adults in all states, leaving many wondering when the supply will exceed the demand for the vaccine. A recent briefing examined when the supply of the COVID-1 vaccine will meet national demand in the United States, predicting that the United States will reach this point in a few weeks. A New abbreviation The state examines the state by cumulative vaccine coverage and state differences in daily consumption to understand how part of the population can vary across the country.

The state looked at the proportion of adults with at least one vaccine dose, administered daily doses of the first dose (using the -day rolling average), and summarized how this rate has changed over the past week.

  • Adults 55% of adults received at least one vaccine dose, with a low of 1% in Alabama and a high of 74% in New Hampshire. Uptech speeds have declined in many states.
  • Twelve states have reached 0% or more adults. These eight states in the Northeast have received at least one dose of the COVID-1 vaccine. 1 13 states have less than 0% adults, including less than 45% of them, including these states in the south.
  • Most states are seeing a decline in first-rate rates, albeit at a different rate, indicating that the country as a whole has reached a tipping point with increasing demand.
  • Of particular concern are states with both low vaccine coverage and slow daily rates of vaccine uptake. For example, in the states (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi), vaccine coverage is at or below 2%, the lowest in the nation, and each is vaccinating at half the overall daily rate in the United States. These states are probably the largest distance to reduce the risk of future outbreaks to reach adequate levels of vaccine coverage.

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