Where were the critics who managed to stop Johnson from crashing? | Owen Jones

TLong before the International Day, the UK delayed to prevent thousands from dying, but a senior government official jumped to number 10. To make prophetic announcements: “I think we are completely fucked. I think this country is heading in the direction of disaster, I think we will kill thousands of people. “In an executive democracy, you can expect at least 10 of the above-mentioned senior journalists to have asked the above question – the UK is equipped with a catastrophic disease and the country is ready for an epidemic.

It didn’t happen. Instead, Boris Johnson denounced the seriousness of the crisis and the lack of official preparedness, reflecting on government ministers being slammed by senior journalists and ridiculed by critics. Thousands die – “Who does not need to die“Johnson’s former top adviser, Dominic Cummings, was right when he told lawmakers – as a result of the Conservatives’ destructive tactics, the official opposition was determined to support the government for fear of keeping the swing voters away.” Done.

Johnson explicitly dismissed Kovid A new swine flu The BBC’s political editor, Laura Queensburgh, has repeatedly suggested that the chief medical officer inject her on national television to prove she was not worried about taking to Twitter. Share a video Produced by an obscure podiatrist named “Footman 44447”, in which he explained the logic of herd disease resistance using bucket water. On social media, commenters ridiculed Labor’s demand that the government publish its scientific advice. “hipster analysisCowid was criticized for “politicizing” Kovid. “Firmly and calmly,” he said. A telegraph rang Editor Who later became the official speaker, “The UK is leading Europe in the fight against coronavirus.” It was “Boris Johnson’s Churchill Moment”, Financial Times Cooled.

Meanwhile, foreign newspapers stunned a country that seemed to be happily skipping to the shore. Created 1 day before the lockdown, by the New York Times Clever observations Concerning the growing emergency in the UK that most domestic presses lack ventilators, there are “already flowing” intensive care beds, some health workers are buying their own PPE and austerity-stricken NHS. If such questions were the focus of UK coverage – than Breathe in and out of the No. 10 spin Supporting the government’s deadly policy of herding resistance – thousands could be saved from famine.

There are obvious exceptions – take the Sunday Times investigative reporters The Johnson administration’s response, Or the BBC’s Louis Goodall exposing Home scam care – But Westminster-based lobby journalists also often play a role in anonymous briefings from No. 10 to suggest that there is a method to the government’s insanity (as Kim Gosfs points out).

Most of the evidence for the shortcomings already exists in the public domain. He has only put it in the press of the Tory Psychodrama, allowing him to shoot by driving against his favorite targets – At least Matt Hancock – While Ludicrously ish Shi Sunak, who is defending Invited lockdown skeptics To stop the second national lockdown in a successful second campaign on Downing Street last September. Whoever treats politics as a soap opera with a less attractive cast, it may speed up the pulse, but it leaves with the question of finding labor.

Care Starr’s team decided to focus only on groups urging the opposition not to “politicize” the national emergency. This was very different from the Tories’ approach During a financial crashFor example, when they blamed the crisis for such a hair-raising recurrence in Labor’s overreach that Focus groups would soon repeat these actions. We already knew that the resistance of the herd was the official policy; That vulnerable patients were discharged to care for homes without testing, let the virus infect; That lockdown was too late; That Testing and handing over traces to private contractors Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this period of the Great Depression. Kovid was a scary story Killed only 800-year-old (Wrong, in any case).

Although the labor leadership announced that it would work “constructively” with the government and “no”Opposition for the sake of opposition“Also, praising the aspects of the official response.”A wonderful piece of work“A month in lockdown. When one Right commentator Announcing that Starr’s “definition of the opposition is where the Tories are going – and getting there first” is to work, he was essentially right, which allowed the official offensive lines to be cut at “Captain Hindsite”. In January, Labor also took a surprising position to protest the closure of schools under the new lockout, U-turning only When it became known that the government was going to order it immediately.

As a result, many people concluded that a bad set of cards was handed over to the government – sure, they made a mistake, but who wouldn’t be in their shoes? – And that Labor In any case, it would have been a little different. However, Kim’s testimony underscores the basic truth that Britain’s biggest scam represents the kind of democracy that has been operating since the appeasement. Because of Johnson’s incompetence, inhumanity, laziness and hubris and because of the devastating decisions that his team could completely ignore, thousands of people suffered untold and humiliating deaths at his last moment. .

Instead of thoroughly investigating government decisions, many senior political journalists tried to argue in their favor because there was no argument. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the government, but thousands of people died in hospital beds due to the catastrophic official failure. If you’re wondering why our ruling party presided over three times more deaths than Luftwaffe achieved in the blitz, why is there as safe and clearly unsupportable polling leadership as possible? “Hopefully this is a case study of how not to handle things. It’s also a case study of when national institutions fail in their basic job of holding governments accountable. Healthy democracy is a matter of life and death. Lessons to be learned at unbearable costs.” .

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