What did Gillan McClachlan say to Shy Bolton after the nightclub struggle?

AFL CEO Gillan McLachlan confirmed that he spoke directly with Richmond star Shy Bolton after he became involved in a fight at a nightclub.

Bolton and Daniel Rioli of the Tigers Premiership team were involved in the controversy. The league fined him पूर्व 20,000.

The 22-year-old, who is nursing a broken pulse, donated his fine to a fine man who works with boys and men to develop healthy masculinity.

McClachlan recently sat down with Bolton at the AFL House to discuss his actions at night.

“We had a good chat. Hopefully we’ve listened to each other, ”McClachlan told reporters Thursday.

“The conversation was about his instincts and clearly I understand the arrangement of boys coming in and protecting friends, partners and others.

“I understand that this has been a natural tendency of young men for a long time, but I think there is an option that diffuses, protects, but not really inflames.

“That was our conversation.”

Richmond and the AFL have concluded a joint investigation into the incident and now consider the case closed.

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