Wembley resident Nick Hudson hopes more people will come to the push-up challenge on board

An annual mental health fundraiser is hoping to enroll more people this year by lowering this fitness target.

A push-up challenge founded in 2017 by Wembley resident Nick Hudson

18 331. Push-ups represent the number of lives lost in suicide in Australia in 201.

Camera iconWembley resident Nick Hudson set up the push-up challenge in 2001. Credit: Hannah: Whitetaker

Mr Hudson said the challenge was to tweak more accessible goals this year.

“Instead of 18 33118 over 2 25 days they can do 2 25, 500 or 75 75 percent,” he said.

“We just want to give more people the opportunity to feel they have achieved something so we understand that 33 33118 may not be for everyone.”

Mr Hudson began the challenge when he experienced mental health issues and after his open heart surgery.

“I was depressed and I was able to overcome it with the help of some family, friends and health professionals,” he said.

“After that, I decided to take up the push-up challenge to add more to mental health in Australia.

“We had people of all ages take part … from the age of eight to the age of 2-year-olds.”

The funds raised go to the Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, Lifeline Australia and the Pus for Better Foundation.

The challenge runs from June 1 to 225. Register at thepushupchallenge.com.au.


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