Vikings actress Maud Hurst reveals how her job and life have changed

Is mindfulness a tendency or does it have the power to change your life for the better? Vikings actress Maud Hurst reveals how she finds top tips for mindfulness and more beginnings

I am Maud hair. I am an actor (playing Helga in the TV series Vikings), a meditation and yoga teacher, a theta healer and founder EnergyRise, A bespoke company with a goal of making it accessible to everyone.

What is the mind?

Mindfulness for me is to bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations of the body in the present moment to feel empowered in your life.

In short, bring the unconscious into your consciousness in a non-judgmental way.

Mindfulness means bringing awareness to the present moment

Once you have this awareness – you have a choice.

Most of the things we do in our lives work uniquely and respond to our circumstances, and the mindset can provide you with a way to be aware of yourself, so that you can change things that haven’t worked in your life.

And how can this help you?

The path in my mindset started two years ago after a painful break-up. I felt scared of the uncertainty of what was ahead but there was something inside me. Despite the fear, there was a world of new possibilities being discovered.

So in this chaotic situation (which many people find themselves in after a breakup) while I decided to head for a yoga retreat.

It was while practicing yoga that I had some great insights. I haven’t heard of my body in a long time and when I started to twin, I realized that I didn’t feel happy long before my breakup.

But I was not conscious enough to do anything about it.

With this new careful search, I turned my attention to the new question – ‘What really makes me happy?’

And so I started my journey in yoga and meditation training. Mindfulness has taken me from complete uncertainty, to a clear place, to meditation, to joy, and to love, travel, and life for people.

Through my teaching, I plan to help others get rid of the stresses of daily life and discover their inner truth.

The benefits of consciousness

Giving yourself time to reflect on yourself and to be present in the moment, be it in physical or seat mindfulness exercises (for example yoga or meditation), allows you to distinguish what is working and what is not working in your life.

It allows you to focus on what you really want and develop confidence to start believing and changing those feelings.

Also, regular practice in your life allows you to make clear decisions by listening to yourself before asking for the opinions of others.

Mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation are a positive way to bring calm back into your life, relieve stress and anxiety.


Here are my top tips on how to get started …

Set your alarm 10 minutes early in the morning and set it this time to awaken your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in the following ways:

Option 1

Get up straight, either with your legs crossed or your feet firmly on the ground in the chair. Set alarm for 10 minutes.

Close your eyes and start bringing awareness to breathing. Exhale the air you breathe in and the hot air in which you breathe.

When the mind wonders (which it inevitably does) it brings you breathing awareness.

What you should do for a full ten minutes. Pay attention to the effect it has on your body, which can be taken by breathing awareness.

Option 2

Consistent breathing: Your breathing can be the most powerful tool to change your perception.

This breathing technique is scientifically proven to bring you out of combat and flight mode (stressful state) and into balance.

Get up straight, either with your legs crossed or your feet firmly on the ground in the chair. Set alarm for 10 minutes.

Close your eyes and start breathing to bring you awareness – inhale for six seconds and exhale for six seconds. Pay attention to the effect it has on your body.

You may want to listen to any of these tracks to help you.

Music to help:


Guided meditation. It is often helpful for beginners to be guided by meditation. You can find some free ten minute guided meditations in some meditation sections My website.


Bring movement into your life, especially if you are someone who needs movement to help switch off brainstorming.

We experience and experience things in different ways. My invitation to you is to try different routes in mind unless you feel right.

Regular practice then feels like a wonderful addition to your life, rather than an additional stress. There are many different types of meditation, yoga, movement and body awareness exercises so know that there is something out there for you.

Just use it until you find it.

Maud hair

Maud hair A born and bred ex-Londoner, best known for her role as Helga in the hit TV show WikiS. She has become an actor mindfulness teacher on a mission to create a bespoke path in your mind.

Discovering yoga and meditation has completely changed her life for the better and she believes it can do the same for you.

After a traumatic breakup a few years ago, Maude is embarking on an extraordinary journey of healing and training – discovering the power of mindfulness.

Maude is trained in yoga, meditation, spontaneous movement meditation, theta healing and Reiki and her company EnergyRise has created her company EnergyRise to bring an array of mindfulness practices to meet your individual needs.

Instagram: maudehirst

Twitter: maudehirst

Facebook: maudehirstyoga

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