Unpleasant star Bulldog could be re-signed within “next few weeks”: CEO

Amit Bains, chief executive of Western Bulldogs, says Tom Libertor’s future could be announced in a few weeks.

Contract Gun On-Bowler is one of the top players in the competition, but has been signed out this year.

With captain Marcus Bontempelli returning to the club this week, Bains says he was hopeful he would finalize a new deal for Liberator next week.

“(List manager) Sam Power was in constant discussion and had close discussions with (Tom Libretor’s) management team,” he said. Sports Day.

“We are hopeful that in the next few weeks this will be done, we are clearly looking forward to staying at the Tom Club.

“He’s a bulldog and walked through and how he started the weather that you, it would be nice if he even stopped a distance.”

While Liberator is currently playing for the Dogs, vice-captain Mitch Wallis found himself playing for the footy in the VFL even after playing twice in the senior team in the 20’s.

The 28-year-old is a banned independent agent at the end of the year and Bains said Wallis would be disappointed with the recent disappointment, seeing the club play him elsewhere.

“Mitch (Wallis) is such a proud man and a fearless player, he pushed our goal forward last year and stood up in difficult times,” he said.

“His attitude and application as a captain around the club is first rate and he is doing everything possible (to earn a recall).

‘Obviously it’s frustrating that he can’t return to the senior team right now, but I don’t think there’s been any decline in behavior and application on and off the field.

“He wants to play senior footy now. What it looks like this year, we’re clearly looking forward to being at the Mitch club for the long term. Tom is the same Bulldog and through his family history at the football club (given) we can’t see him. Yes. ”


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