UN human rights council orders probe into “systematic” abuse in Palestinian territory and Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday decided to conduct an open international investigation into the violations Around the recent Gaza violence, And in the “systematic” abuse within the Palestinian territories and Israel.

The resolution endorses 224 of the 47 members of the Council and will encourage an unprecedented investigation into the decades-long conflict in the Middle East and their “root causes.”

The lesson, presented by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, was discussed during a special one-day session focusing on the escalation of deadly violence this month.

Inaugurating the session, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet expressed special concern over the “civilian casualties” in the Gaza attack and warned that the Israeli invasion of Iraq could be a “war crime.”

He also called Hamas’ “indiscriminate” rocket fire on Israel a “clear violation of international humanitarian law.”

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry hailed the move, saying “it reflects the international community’s commitment to accountability, the rule of law and the protection of Palestinian human rights.”

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it “shameful.”

Ahead of a ceasefire last Friday, Israeli airstrikes and artillery fire killed 2,254 Palestinians in Gaza, including children, and injured more than 1,900 people in the 11-day conflict, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Thousands of rockets and other fires from Gaza have killed at least 12 people in Israel. It includes a child and an Arab-Israeli teenager. In Israel, some were injured.

‘Just a reason’

Thursday’s resolution ordered an investigation into violations surrounding recent violence, but also “systematic” abuse, encouraging a recurring cycle of decades of violence.

The researcher said that the root causes of recurring stress and instability should be investigated, including “systematic discrimination and repression based on group identities.”

The investigation should focus on establishing the facts and gathering evidence for legal action, and aim to identify the culprits that they are responsible for.

It also urges countries to “refrain from handing over weapons when they assess value … that there is a clear risk that such weapons could be used in a commission or facilitate serious violations or misuse.”

Israel is sad

Prior to the vote, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Miraw Elan Shahar copied the session and the text.

“It has nothing to do with reality, it has nothing to do with human rights,” she said.

He urged countries not to support the proposal, in which he said “ethnic, genocidal, terrorist organizations” would “reward Hamas with courage.”

Israel insisted it had “done everything possible to protect civilians” but Hamas’ “strategy of hiding under residential buildings, maternity wards and mosques” had claimed innocent lives.

“You cannot be a pro-Palestinian if you do not condemn Hamas,” he said.

Ms Bachelet did not see her office in Gaza targeting buildings, medical facilities and media offices, including “hosting armed groups or using them for military purposes.”

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki accused Israel of establishing “a apartheid system.”

“The right to self-defense and the right to resist the profession is our right to the Palestinian people,” he said.

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