UN chief appeals to business leaders to help prevent Kovid-caused ‘tsunami of suffering’ – Global Issues

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a social and economic crisis, with dramatic long-term consequences for livelihoods, business and the economy, “he told the Virtual Roundtable – part of the UN’s global campaign, #OllyTogether – organized by the IKEA Foundation and jointly – Social Operational organization that partners with the department Global communication Pioneer UN certified initiatives, To fight misinformation.

The UN chief acknowledged the lives of many survivors: “Your leadership of this meeting is a guarantee of success because what our partnership has always represented is a symbol of the values ​​we represent.”

Vaccine equity to prevent ‘further havoc’

With the distribution of safe and effective vaccines in record time, science has shown the light for some parts of the world.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO)WHO) The authority for 13 vaccines and the “incredible success” of rollouts in more than 1,170 countries, Mr. Guterres lamented the “huge and growing vaccine gap between rich and poor countries.”

“Only ten countries have used more than 75 per cent of all vaccine doses. In poor countries, even health workers and people with underlying conditions cannot access them, “he said.” It’s not just unfair, it’s harmful and dangerous to everyone. ”

In rich and poor countries, rapid and equitable vaccination is the only way to prevent the emergence of new and more dangerous species, Mr. Guterres said.

Global Vaccination Plan

He said a global vaccination plan was needed, from which to begin G20 Task Force Involvement of nations with vaccine production and manufacturing capacity, WHO and access COVID-19 Equipment (ACT) Partners, as well as international financial institutions.

“I am ready to mobilize the entire United Nations system to support this effort, but we need the political will to move forward,” he said.

To this end, Mr Guterres emphasized that the private sector could use its influence and expertise to share accurate information on its communication channels and use it to donate its services and resources.

The region has been the “focal point of every success” throughout the epidemic, but he noted that it was achieved by working with countries, communities and the public sector.

“By working together we can vaccinate the world, end the epidemic, and start harder,” he concluded.

Growth in South Asia threatened the COVAX initiative

In another development, the WHO, GAVI Vaccine Coalition and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparation Innovation (CEPI) continue Joint statement Warning “” Paddy has made achievements so far “.

The incidence of COVID-19 is declining in some countries while there is a painful increase in South Asia. “Because it is important to prevent access to vaccines, we need to focus on ensuring that countries that have not benefited from those life-saving devices now and urgently,” the statement said.

Although COVAXAs the global mechanism for equal access to covid vaccine vaccines has repeatedly proven, growing growth in India has severely affected its supply, which by the end of June will face 1,190 million dosages.

Against the ‘catastrophic’ outcome

Although more vaccine doses will be available later this year, the statement said, “If we do not address the current, immediate shortages could have catastrophic consequences.”

In World Health Council Last Friday, governments recognized the political and financial need for support COVAX With dosage and dollars.

“Now it is imperative … to secure full funding for COVAX and more vaccines – right now – at the June 2 Advance Market Commitment Summit for Low-Income Countries” read the statement.

Ambitious solutions

To pledge COVAX a global equal access, partners called for immediate funding of the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC), a mechanism to allow COVAX to feed in low-income economies; Dose sharing; And clear supply chains by removing trade barriers, export control measures, and other restrictive barriers.

“Before we reach the peak of the epidemic, we need an ambitious, global solution. When it comes to global vaccine distribution, COVAX is the only initiative capable of meeting the challenge of the moment, “the statement said.

While it is understandable that some countries want all their citizens to be vaccinated, the domestic vaccination program, as well as the practice of vaccinating COVAX, can protect globally at-risk populations, which is “critical to ending the acute phase of the epidemic. Helps to prevent danger. Variants, and speed for normalcy. ”

Founded in mid-2020, COVAX has the support and resources of the world economy since 1922, enabling it to deliver an unprecedented global rollout.

“It’s time to dump her and move on,” the statement said.


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