Twitch Hot Tub Streams described: Bikini, Otter and Controversy

There is a growing number of hot tub streamers on the Rerachel Twitch.


Twitch, Live from Amazon Platform, Is primarily a service that allows spectators to let others play Video games. In recent months, live streams of bikinis in hot tubs have received a lot of controversy, which has caused some controversy.

It sounds weird, but it’s one thing. The hot tub stream is popular as people – mainly women – wear bikinis in an inflatable hot tub to talk for hours with the audience. It has also been a controversial topic in the Twitch community, and the company decided to create a new one on Friday Lakes, hot tubs and beaches Category only for those streamers.

This is a bold move by Twitch, which is Strict policies When it comes to clothing it is understood as sexual. In a sense, it’s a trick that recognized – and made legal – hot tub streamers.

The new Twitch category is important on two fronts, said Doron Neer, co-founder of StreamElements, which provides livestreaming equipment and services.

“Because beaches, ponds, and hot tub streams have achieved a level of notoriety, giving them their place instead of banning them from the show altogether. [Twitch is] To hear the right amount of users embracing this content, “Neer said.” It also indicates that there will be a lot of diversity on the horizon, pushing back the willingness to support content that goes too far. Game. Parameters from earlier days of the platform. ”

So what are hot tub streams and why are they so controversial? We have the answers for you.

Hot tub stream? What is that

This is what happens when a person is in the stream tub at Twitch. Most of the women in bikinis sit in private hot tubs while talking to their audience, but some boys have joined the trend (and some even wear bikinis).

Why did Twitch create the hot tub category?

With so many changes in tech, it comes down to money.

In recent months, there has been a growing awareness of the growing number of hot tub streams. Called the “hot tub meta” in the community, the idea is that an attractive woman can put on a bikini, sit in a snug hot tub and move on to get more viewers and donations.

Community problem with hot tub meta is related to advertising. Until last week, most hot tub streams would only be in the chatting category. Some non-hot tub streamers were concerned that the brand might pull their ad dollars from just chatting to avoid being associated with the direct flow of Scottish-clad women. This can affect the revenue of all hosts in the category.

Twitch was aware of the concern, so it was decided to create a separate class.

“Today the brand can The goal Or ignore specific categories of content and flag channels that don’t meet their criteria, “Twitch said Friday.” We think it’s important that viewers choose to determine the type of content they’re suggested, and that the brand has the right to determine where their ads appear on the service.

The most watched streamers in the poles, hot tubs and beach category since its inception.

The first to be seen were streamers with poons, hot tubs and in between its opening weekend.

StreamElements /

Does this go against the Twitch guidelines?

Now the barber. Twitch constantly updates its policies regarding content. Back in 2016, the platform made it official that streamers do not have to stream game content, allowing hosts to simply sit and interact with their audience. Now Just Chat is the most popular category on Twitter, with hundreds of thousands watching.

There is also controversy about certain attire. The bikinis are down Twitch nudity and dress policy Until they cover the genitals and nipples. The streamer can’t shoot anything straight, and the camera can’t focus on body parts.

“While we have guidelines on the content of sexual counseling, it is not against our rules for others to find sex,” Twitch said in a statement Friday. “Twitch does not prosecute women or anyone in our service for their alleged attraction.”

Why does someone stream hot tubs?

We may not all know the motivation, but Twitch finds his own way to connect individuals to the community. Some of the most popular twitch streamers connect while playing Games For several hours a day to entertain their spectators, while all in full dress. Others just spend their lives streaming whether they walk around their cities in the IRL class, lift weights in the health and fitness class, or practice the piano in the music class.

There is a traditional argument that a woman can get more viewers, and consequently more donations, by wearing a bikini during the stream. In the case of Twitch Streamer Rerachel And Intraventus, They said in the interview that their argument was simple: their back hurt.

“My first hot tub flow was actually last year,” Intervants said. “I have back problems and I was like, does this hot tub help me even a little bit, and I was like, what if I just took a shower from the hot tub?”

Rerachel, whose streams include body painting that can take many hours, also felt some pain in her back after several sessions.

“So for me, it was an inter-paints way to relax and have less time when you don’t really have downtime,” she said.

For them, these streams are not about kids keeping their bodies English but a chance to relax with their audience and create more of a community.

The newest streams when the new category went live were one of the showers of the Vichar series Geralt.

The newest streams when the new category went live were one of the showers of the Vichar series Geralt.

CD Project Red

Not every stream of the new category has human convenience. Of Marine Mammal Rescue Channel It attracts thousands of spectators who spend hours swimming and swimming in the water.

Problems with a hot tub streamer?

The hatred for hot tub streamers comes from all directions. As already mentioned, other Twitch hosts have a problem of concern that companies don’t want to spend on parts of their advertising revenue platform that promotes women in bikinis.

Other female streamers have also expressed concern about the unwanted social pressure from their viewers to stream hot tubs.

If so, there’s a swath of users who take in the hot tub stream because either the hosts are women – and the women Often victims of harassment On the platform – or because users feel like streaming video games without going against the “spirit” of Twitch that was originally designed for livestreaming video games.

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Fix “xQc” Lenzial tweeted harsh words about the hot tub meta last month.

“I’m really honest, this hot tub meta is the most pathetic thing we’ve ever seen on Twitch,” he tweeted. “What a sad reality. Please remove this page from the matching page.”

Both Rerachel and Intraventus face their shareholding in Twitch from day one of the stream. Bridges, hot tubs, and beach-built twitches help reduce harassment from users who still have problems with hot tub streamers. That is not

“I think it’s a great idea but it’s easy to target for harassment,” Rerachel said. “I think if they [Twitch] “If you want to put it in your class, you have to look at it very closely.”

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