Tips and tips for leading through the IT crisis

Technology teams played parts of corporate superheroes during the COVID-19 epidemic, Quick Digital strategies To ensure that their enterprises are operational. IT leaders get credit for exceptional implementation, but CIOs know that success is fleeting and sustainability is difficult.

In fact, %%% of C00 CIOs surveyed said their department is not fully prepared to help their companies deal with another major disruption, according to a recent survey by professional services firm Genpact and MIT CIO Sloan Symposium. The purpose of the survey was to gather information from IT leaders on the lessons learned from the hurricane, as well as preparations for their journey ahead.

“Transformation pilot CIOs who drive alignment in the C-suite and organizational focus will have the flexibility and innovation to be co-creators of new business models and future-ready companies,” says Sanjay Srivastava, GenePack CDO. “CIOs who don’t struggle with their organization.”

Here IT leaders share important leadership lessons learned while navigating the outbreak – tips that will serve them well and prepare their peers for future Black Hay events.

Lead with empathy

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