The Victorian government has released a list of all 1 Loc locations that are not exposed

Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino has released a full list of locations in Melbourne that are not currently classified as COVID-1ure exposure sites, urging anyone unfamiliar with the site to test them immediately.

“Please, please check this list, and if you go somewhere that is not on this list, please sign and test,” Mr Merlino said at a press conference this morning.

He said the list – currently in 1 locations – would be updated throughout the day. “This list is always compressed, so please make sure you check it regularly.”

Locations included a bakery north of Sunshine, a library in Ashwood and two bars on Chapel Street. “Sorry, that’s only one bar on Chapel Street now. Improvement, zero bars on Chapel Street,” Mr Merlino said for confirmation.

“We also believe that in East Brunswick there is Kmar which is not an exposure site, although this seems very unlikely, so we are waiting for confirmation on that.”

More updates to come.

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