The people who want me to die


Neo-Western and an action thriller, classified as director Taylor Sheridan His film describes The people who want me to die As a combination of three storylines: an survival story, an coming-of-age story, and a redemption story. The film begins with a dramatic score that draws the audience to the film in its first seconds. So, fringe cuts. Failed parachute. Screaming fire in the burning fireplace. Is on A man is imaged behind his back by an angry orange flame.

These are the horrible memories that Hannah Faber shocked (Angelina Jolie) Out of his sleep. He is a smoke jumper – an elite wildland firefighter who quickly responds to a forest fire by jumping over an embalmed area with a parachute. This is a job that is suitable for those who are looking for a thrill, and it is also a profession. Operating in Montgomery, he owns the joint venture of his unit. The audience then meets the city sheriff, Ethan Sawyer (John Berthal), who takes revenge on his adventurous paths.

On the way to Montana, Jack (Aiden Glenn) and Patrick Blackwell (Nicholas Hoult), A father-son killer couple. They are hunting down Owen Caserley, the forensic accountant who brought the garbage on some bad, powerful people. Caserley, who is the sheriff’s friend with Savar, runs with his son Conner (Finn Little).

The film sends the characters on their way, and the way they transform is not only entertaining, but narrative. Many movies try to follow the path of only a handful of characters, while Sheridan’s script moves each of the characters towards each other in a loving and believable way.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. There are no moments that just feel like performance. Sheridan also takes a look at Montana and makes the setting an important part of the story. Risks of Mother Nature – Chats on clear plains. In the film, the sky is falling from the orange flames of the fallen fire.

While the film succeeds in many, there are some missed opportunities to build a deeper relationship with some of the characters. Hannah’s work as a smoke jumper is interesting, but the story doesn’t make much of an impact. Throughout the film, Hannah doesn’t get as many different opportunities as the assassins or the sheriff to display her unique skillset, each with her own abilities. Assassins rely on team work and their efficiency with offensive weapons, and the sheriff is given a chance to apply his tracking skills. In contrast, Hannah neither fires nor jumps out of the plane. The film also failed to highlight the elite of smokers, which would justify Hannah’s misdeeds.

Still, these missed opportunities do not deviate from the core of the film. Sheridan manages to keep conflicts and risks at bay, just like any good action movie. And the cast of artists provides a successful performance. Jolie explores her character’s thrilling exploits of cocaine almost by depicting maternal protection and sensitivity. John Burnthal and Medina Senghor, who plays Sawyer’s wife, do well together and bring believable chemistry to the screen.

Overall, a triangular hunter-hunting dynamic and fire fights with a ground fire as a backdrop to the hot chase, The people who want me to die Relatively fresh and definitely entertaining.


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