The inaugural VFL will play under the lights at Coast Clash Southport

The Southport Sharks got off to a bumper start in the 2021 VFL, winning four of their first five games and now fourth on the ladder.

This week they face the Gold Coast Sun at the opening of the VFL Coast Clash at the Funkhauser Reserve on Friday night.

In the NSAFL, sharks placed wood on sharks. The last time the Sharks beat the Sun was in 2014.

So, who can win their first meeting in VFL?

Thanks to the South Gold Coast Sun, Jacob Dawson and Jesse Joyce, Southport still dominates the VFL in terms of their ability to beat the competition in midfield.

Dawson and Joyce both grew up on the Gold Coast, and came to the academy, and then to the Sun list.

Both understand the significance of the occasion and are on their way to lighting a fire under the lights on Friday.

“It’s a big night for the club. We look forward to the challenges and excitement that the Coast Struggle will bring,” Joyce said.

Dawson said following his sentiments, “This is a great opportunity for Gold Coast football fans to come down and head to the two VFL Coast clubs.”

Southport are winning two 100+ huge wins against North Melbourne (107-point) and Asley (10-point) and will win their third game in a row this week.

The Sun may not have as good a record as the Sharks in the VFL, however, they managed to beat the Sharks the previous season.

Compared to sharks, the Sun also has a day break that is coming to a day break.

Joel Jeffrey, Will Brody and Hewago Paul will be the players to play on the Gold Coast.

For Southport, it should be exciting to see Mitch Johnson, who finished third last week in the 10-kick and goal-kick competition.

Evening at Game Funkhauser Reserve. Starts at, what will be Shark’s first home VFL Friday night game. The game will be broadcast live on the Southport Shark YouTube channel.

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