The failure of the federal government’s epidemic policy is enough to scare Victorians, says Bill Bautel

AAs they enter the “circuit breaker” lockdown, Victorians deserve to be frustrated by the many failures in the Australian government’s epidemic policies that need to use such but necessary measures to contain the outbreak.

By the end of 2020, the Australian public had worked hard to achieve zero local broadcasts of Kovid 1 of. The Victorians locked in a 15-week winter that removed the most serious and deadly outbreak of Australia’s Covid 1 of.

After working so well in the emergency phase of the epidemic response, Australians had the right to expect the federal government to implement quarantine and vaccination policies quickly and boost our immunity against the virus in order to secure these remarkable achievements.

These expectations were dashed.

The federal government ignored its constitutional responsibility for quarantine.

This seriously complicated matters by confusing the purchase, supply and distribution of vaccines, which is important for a full normal life and resumption of the journey.

Failure to do so has led to a Victorian lockdown.

As a result of the failure of the hotel quarantine, Victoria is now 12 new locally acquired covid cases, With stress inviting infected people, their families and everyone who cares for them.

After that, the economic and social cost of the lockdown will be substantial.

The Victorian outbreak came from a man who had placed one of the new variants of the Covid 1 of in the hotel quarantine in Adelaide. No fault can be attached to the person or staff. The infection was almost certainly transmitted from an old aerosol found in a corridor between hotel rooms. Just before the end of his 14-day quarantine, he was infected and returned to a negative test, the unnecessary guest traveled from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Since late 2020, many improved contact trace systems systems developed by states and territories have been able to accommodate many breakouts from hotel quarantine.

But this time, the symptoms developed and the contacts were multiplied well before the Victorian contact trace testing and testing could proceed effectively.

For several months, the emergence of newer and more contagious types of Covid 1 of posed a significant challenge to the integrity of the hotel quarantine system that had developed in the chaotic early months of the epidemic response.

However, systematically hotels, hotels do not have quarantine facilities. Their airflow and air conditioning systems connect rooms with corridors and common spaces.

By mid-2020, it was clear that Covid 1 was being transmitted in aerosol drops that could be moved from person to person through corridors in hotel settings.

However, the Australian government refused to draw a logical conclusion by changing the scientific advice and left the hotel quarantine to address the growing number of travelers in favor of building new and improved quarantine facilities.

Even like the world Health The organization and other organizations changed their guidelines based on new evidence earlier this month, continuing to rely on advice from the Australian government that largely waived the role of aerosol broadcasts in the spread of Covid-1 the.

Despite reports from Australian scientists, clinicians, practitioners and its own commission, the federal government has refused to abandon hotel quarantine and invest in building new quarantine facilities without expanding the Hood Springs.

No system could be perfect but if the Howard Springs facility had been repeated around Australia and used in South Australia, the possibility of covid transmission transmitted by aerosol transmission in the corridors would have been negligible.

The potential risk of a Victorian outbreak is now linked to the failure of the vaccine rollout.

Covid-1 Australia has mutated faster than Australia. Less than 2% of Australians are fully vaccinated. Many vulnerable Australians with disabilities and old age care remain to be vaccinated.

Australia’s rollout is about 30th in the world and all Australians will still be fully vaccinated, with no reliable targets.

In mid-2020, the Australian government rejected all agreements made by pharmaceutical companies to ensure that all Australians could be vaccinated by September 0, 2020.

Victorian outbreaks will include hope and minimal disruption to the health and lives of Victorians.

But the end of this hotel quarantine system and its construction purpose should be marked by newly built facilities.

Bill Boutel AO is an assistant professor at UNSW and a strategic health policy consultant. He was the architect of Australia’s successful response to HIV / AIDS and has contributed to the global and national response to HIV and other infectious diseases.

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