The boxer who took back आश्वासन 100 million from an assurance he made in Abu Dhabi

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Jeddah – By Talal al-Hammad – Retired Russian boxer Habib Nurmagomedov, former champion of the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Federation, undefeated in any professional sport he played for a year, turned down a ियन 100 million offer to play against the United States. , Floyd Mayweather, former world champion for boxing, fulfilling the double promise he made to his parents in two stages, according to his business manager and other boxing managers, Egyptian-born boxer and businessman Ali Abdel Aziz, founder and director of various academy martial arts, Dominas MMA in New York. .

This fickle show, the former world champion knew two weeks ago, but his experience spread yesterday and today through the media and communication in many different languages ​​of the world, and confirmed his knowledge of what his manager said to popular person Mike Tyson on the digital program. That has aired on the TV podcast system, and below is a cut-out video of the episode that aired last Monday.

On the 55th back of the video, we hear her manager speak to former world boxing champion Mike Tyson, who could question the १०० 100 million salary for a solo fight: Habib rejected the offer to “ask Floyd”. Words: No, I retired, and told my mother that I had made my career, and I will keep my word, “when he made the same promise to his deceased father in Abu Dhabi last year.

“There is a king in the jungle, who I am.”

Born 2 years ago in the Russian republic of Dagestan, Habib’s career has not been without defeat in the two professional games he played, the last of which was the UFC 2254 event in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, on October 2, in which he defeated American Gathade Justin by discrimination, then hurried on camera. And announced his retirement, and he will not return to the ring again, without his late father Abdel Manaf at the age of 57 last July 57, suffering from complications. .CoronaA newcomer to her, and then she called her mother from the emirate and told her about her famous promise.

In October 2011, Habib Nurmagomedov invited Floyd Mayweather to an inviting martial arts fight, known as the MMA Letters, and in an invitation to find the “YouTube” video, in which Habib appears next to him as Floyd’s business manager. Described him as a wonderful boxer: “I am ready to fight against you. We are a hero whom no one has defeated. We meet (in the ring).” There is a king in the world, he is Floyd. ” However, the status of the two world champions did not increase after the rise of Corona.


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