The Australian state COVID-19 outbreak follows a week-long lockdown

SYDNEY, May 2 (Xinhua) – Health officials in the Australian state of Victoria have imposed a seven-day lockdown from midnight on Thursday.

The statewide sanctions announced by caretaker Prime Minister James Merlino on Thursday morning focused on two new local issues around the capital, Melbourne, this week.

One of them is now in intensive care in a hospital and on a ventilator.

The “Circuit Breaker” ban, which lasts until 3:11 pm on June 3, requires the wearing of face masks except at home and the closure of schools except for the care of a child worker.

Supermarkets and banks will remain open but cafes will be limited to take-to-be.

Victorians need reasons to leave home, including food and supplies, care, authorized work, two hours of exercise with another person (within a kilometer from home) or vaccinations.

“Unless there is some hard work, it will be increasingly uncontrollable,” Merlino said, adding that decisive action was needed.

“If we make the wrong choice now, if we wait too long, it will be far from us,” he said.

The outbreak was discovered on Monday when four members of the same family in Whitlesia, north of Melbourne, tested positive and on Tuesday a person with contact with the family was also found infected.

Genomic testing linked the cluster to a quarantine hotel in the neighboring state of South Australia (SA) earlier this month in a case of Indian strain of the virus.

Officials said they could not find a “missing link” to the SA case involving the Melbourne family.

As of Thursday, contract tracers had listed approximately 0 exposure exposure sites where the least infected people had come.

A co-result of the outbreak is that Victorians vaccinated their .8 people on Tuesday with their own vaccine, compared to the previous average daily consumption of 6.00.

This number should now be increased by Merlino announcing on Thursday that every Victorian aged between Vict0 and 49 aged will immediately be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, while those over the age of 500 will still be vaccinated with Estrogen.

“We need you to make a bookie, so I encourage everyone, if you qualify, get vaccinated,” he said.

Meanwhile, officials in other Australian states and territories have responded to the growing Victorian crisis.

Queensland and SA have closed the border to more than 200,000 people in Whitelacia, while Western Australia on Thursday banned Victorians from entering the state until they are exempted.

New South Wales has closed its borders to illegals who have already visited the exposure sites, and Tasmania has banned anyone from visiting the exposure sites on the island unless they are classified as tourists.


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