Tesla only switches autopilot systems to optical

Tesla finalized its transition off the radar for auto pilot features, with all new Model and and Model Y vehicles sold in North America with optical driver support. In Blog post, The manufacturer said that the short-term limitations on the “Tesla Vision” pave the way for higher performance on the road.

Radar and lidar systems are expensive and can take a lot of processing power. Tesla says this confident optical system can achieve the same results with the help of neural net processing.

That said, technology is not there yet. Their autostairing of new vehicles will be limited to speeds of less than 75 miles per hour.

“Full self-driving” features may be completely disabled, such as the ability to call a Tesla parked at your location or the “emergency lane departure rescue” of the 10,000 software package.

Customers’ vehicles will be notified before delivery is accepted before changes are announced.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet that an update on Autopilot with the possibility of enabling FSD features would come in two weeks.


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