Tesla has installed more than 200,000 powerhouse home batteries

Despite the issues with it Solar roof, Tesla Powerwall It seems to be a hot sale last year. The company announced on Twitter that it has sold more than 200,000 Powerwall units so far Double The number said it was sold at this time in 2020.

Powerwall gives solar panels and other customers a powerful battery backup when the power (or sun) goes down. This has saved some customers during outages, Twitter user Andrew Edwards commented in a tweet quoted by Tesla. “Neighbors started texting me asking how my lights were on,” he said. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also suggested that in the future, power utilities could tap Powerwalls to return electricity stored on the grid during a storm in Texas in April.

It can obviously ship in large numbers if it allows them to build more. Tesla recently said in its first-quarter earnings call that it “has a multi-quarter backlog in Powerwall.” This too Announced In April it will now sell its solar roof panels without a powerwall unit, which should further boost demand.

Tesla just unveiled Powerwall +, An updated version that can supply up to..6 kW, from k kW constant and k kW peak output. This will allow people to power more things or larger homes, although the battery will drain faster as it still retains the same 1.5.W KWh charge.

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