Tai Diggs remembers missing an opportunity to address Britney Britney when she appeared in one of her music videos.

By Brent Furdyk.

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Ty Diggs took a virtual tour of SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” to promote his CW series “All American”.

Host Andy Cohen wasted no time making his first question a doozy: “Let me ask you a personal question. Do you like to make love in the morning or at night?”

“Lord, you get into it. You’re not a brew,” Diggs replied. “Night time, because I’m not worried about morning breath or crusty and you know, yes. I think during the night, you got warmer because you can, you know, you can, you already cleaned up what you had one day. I think I’m more, I’m less self-conscious I think, do you know what I mean? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. May be I don’t know. “

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When Cohen asked Diggs about his recent appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” guest Tiffany Haddis encouraged him to go to Bumble. “When did that happen?” Cohen asked.

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, it’s, I don’t, ah, I don’t want it enough. You know what i mean Life is already uncomfortable. I don’t want to embarrass it anymore, “he replied.

“But are you open?” You’re open to DM, aren’t you? Cohen continued.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah that can be achieved, yeah. Yeah. I feel like, oh, I think it’s actually the same thing. Right. And it’s a little bit easier. Yeah, for some reason, I have to do DMs. It’s a little easier. I’ve got my son, he’s looking for me. So every once in a while I’ll throw something at him and he’ll give me his thoughts, “Diggs added, adding that his son is” 11 and more mature than me. “

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Cohen also asked about one of Digg’s lesser-known roles: for the “boys” in Britney Spears’ music video, which also featured cameos from Farrell, Jason Presley and Mike Myers in Austrian Power.

“You’re famous,” Diggs told Cohen. “I noticed this two days ago. And as I was, I think I was with, I think I was with Idina [Menzel] At that time I think I’m inside because we were in the middle of the shots [Spears] ‘Hey, you’re a good dancer.’ And I was so kind. I was like [laughs] ‘Thank you, thank you.’ But I think it was kind of mine if I, ah, wanted to do something a little bit and I missed it. I feel like I missed my opening. ”

“Dance with her to do something as small as the date?” Cohen asked.

“No, just have sex with her,” Diggs said with a laugh.

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“Well, no, she has a boyfriend now,” Cohen reminded her.

“Oh, then that’s right, then that’s when you should never go. L So I had fun. He was huge … fun. I think Jason Presley was in it too. And I thought there were some kind of fun celebrities, me and Jason Presley, “Diggs added.” He’s the best, the best. But it didn’t seem random. ”


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