Sony PlayStation ‘Iconic IP’ is coming to iPhone late in 2001

Sony’s CEO says the company will bring “iconic IP” to the mobile platform as part of an effort to bring the first ID content off the console.

During Sony’s Investor Relations Day, CEO Jim Ryan said games including Sony’s “iconic” intellectual prototype would come to mobile. This is part of the larger effort by the company to expand its reach across the console.

Accordingly VGC, “Gran Turismo”, “God of War”, and “Uncharted” are Sony’s most popular franchises due to sales. Sony has seen a profitable start to publishing its games on PC.

“In FY21, we will be publishing some of our iconic PlayStation IPs on mobile and we expect that in 2021 it will not provide significant profit streams, but we are learning from that experience,” said Sony CEO Jim Ryan. . “As we increase the number of headlines we publish on mobile, the contribution of both PC and mobile is becoming more important over time.”

This news follows Work advertising Posted on Sony “Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studio.” Listed it is looking for a candidate that “will lead all aspects of your game development from console and PC to mobile and direct services.”

After the death of Sony PlayStation Vita, The company tried to draw attention to the emerging mobile game market with little success. Featuring Sony’s classic IP is mobile gaming at the end of this new endeavor that could make a dent in the giant.

Sony has not made any official announcement for the title or distribution, but its new mobile games are expected to be available on Apple. IPhone And IPad. Apple also offers many games from third-party developers through it Apple Arcade Membership services, but Sony IP is less likely to appear in that catalog.

Sony will be in direct competition with other major publishers Like Nintendo, Which has brought many popular titles IOS “Pokemon GO” and “Mario Kart.”

Sony has used mobile titles in the past with the titles, “Uncharted: Fortune Hunter” and “Runback Run! Run!” Including it’s not clear whether Sony’s future efforts will be in a similar vein, or ports of existing titles – but given the history the former probably seems probable.

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