Second Unreal Engine De Demo Reel

A year after the initial revelation, Epic Games has now offered a new look at Unreal Engine at and the various basic tools that bring game makers.

Both a short demo video, and a long 1-minute video aimed primarily at developers, showcasing new game engine techs such as Nanite, Lumen and its customizable animation systems.

A new system unveiled today includes Temporal Super Resolution – an anti-aliasing variant that delivers “quality at the cost of a true native K KP p20”. There is a new world division system that enables the creation of vast worlds with scalable content.

Continuing with the same character seen in last year’s performance, Echo, titled ‘Valley of the Ancient’, explored the vast desert rock world where he encountered a gigantic mech.

The demo clip runs at secondK and second0 frames per second, but the developers say the engine is “capable of framing fra0 frames per second”. They chose 300 “absolute maximum view quality” for the demo.

While last year’s clip ran exclusively on the PS5, it runs on both the PS5 and Xbox series X hardware. Early access for unrealized engine for game developers is now available before official shipping in 2022.

The time has come when Square Enix announced the “Dragon Quest” titles during development this week.

Source: Enterprise Beat

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