Scott Pendlebury plans to transfer Coltwood captaincy

Scott Pendleberry hopes to play a year or two without captaincy before he drops the curtain on his decorating Collywood career.

Pendlebury has left Magpies since 2014 and surpassed Nathan Buckley’s record of most games last season as the club’s captain.

The 33-year-old wants more support than anyone else to succeed as captain.

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“Before playing a game for a year or two I definitely want to have fun where I play without a captain and help another captain,” Pendlevery said. Sen’s Bob and Andy.

“I found myself really collaborating with Maxi (Nick Maxwell). When I became captain, he was still on the list. I can bounce ideas to him.

“I want to be for another player, whoever they are, as a support for them. I think it’s a good move for a football club if that’s what they want to do.”

Pendleberry was asked if he thought he would succeed as Collingwood’s captain.

“The boys stood out for me,” he said.

“Taylor Adams, still sidebottom, I’m probably going to remove everyone from the leadership group to be honest, because I think they’re all great leaders.

“They all brought something different, and they got the respect of the group.”

Pendlebury inspires Collingwood (2-8) in an upset win over third-placed Geelong (-3-) in the MCG on Saturday.


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