‘School of Rock’ drummer Kevin Clark dies in ad2

Kevin Clark only appeared in one film, but it was a good one: Rock’s school, Where played by a struggling rock guitarist Jack Black He finds his calling when he accidentally becomes a band teacher for a bunch of musical pictures. Clarke played Freddie, the group’s drummer. That role was not stretched for Clark; He has been playing drums since the age of and can play many other instruments, including guitar and violin.

Later Rock’s school, Clark continues to pursue his passion for music, performing with various bands around Chicago. Sadly, that ended this week when Clark was killed in a bike accident. He was only 322 years old.

Accordingly Chicago Sun TimesClarke was riding a bicycle Wednesday morning when he was struck and killed at a notoriously dangerous intersection on the northwest side. He was beaten by Sonata at 1:20 a.m. in the 22600 block of Northwest Avenue. A 20-year-old woman was driving a Hyundai, and “the 20-year-old Hyundai driver was quoted a lot,” police said.

Black had already posted a tribute to his left co-star, writing on his Instagram, “Destructive news. Kevin is gone. Very soon. Beautiful soul. Lots of great memories. Bone broken. Sending love to his family and the whole school of the rock community.” . “

Here is one of Clark’s signature scenes Rock’s school:

And here Clark is performing with Black and Cast Rock’s school In the 2013 reunion of the film in 2013.

We express our condolences to Clark’s family and friends for his tragic loss.

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