Samantha Akkineni in her digital debut from The Family Man 2: ‘It was my biggest achievement’

In a recent interview, Samantha Akkineni watched The Family Man Season 1 as a listener and was delighted to be cast in the second season.

Samantha Akkineni in her digital debut from The Family Man 2: ‘It was my biggest achievement’

Southern beauty Samantha Akkineni is making her Hindi digital debut in Raj and DK’s upcoming show The Family Man Season 2. Ankineni talent will be seen with Manoj Bajpayee’s powerhouse. The play also stars actors Sharib Hashmi and Priyamani, who are playing the roles of JK Talpade and Suchitra Tiwari, who have only one week left in their performances. .

In a recent interview with the Indian Express, Nagarjuna’s daughter talked about watching ‘Family Man Season 1’ as a listener and expressed her happiness to be a part of the cast in the second season. The surprise actress was quoted as saying, “I missed the first season of The Family Man on the first day, and reviews were pouring in. It made me very curious. Chai (Naga Chaitanya) and I sat down the next day. We thought we would watch an episode and watch it for weeks.” We will keep it, but it did not happen. ”

“I saw the review on the first day, and I had high hopes. I think the doubts were removed shortly after the release. Everyone was restrained. I was feeling very proud. This was my biggest achievement, he added.

Akkineni also said that watching season one of the show was “nothing less than a theatrical experience.”

“It was like watching a blockbuster movie with comedy, action. It’s the full package. I didn’t expect to see what I saw.” I was stunned that you made such an amazing decision, “he said.

In a related note, The Family Man Season 2 will be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 2nd.

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