SA quarantine overhaul call after Medi-Hotel breach

Hotel quarantine is back in the spotlight today after Victoria was locked out of a “violation” in South Australia, with Police Commissioner Grant Stevens acknowledging that “the new concept must be considered”.

Confirming the week-long lockout this morning, Victoria’s acting prime minister, James Merlino, did not elaborate on the escalation of the outbreak: “

He blamed the Commonwealth for the slow vaccine rollout. He urged the Victorians to be upset if they were upset.

The SA Health Report on the Playford Medi-Hotel Violation released yesterday identified the possible cause of the leak – which appeared only to a person returning home to Melbourne to test positive for the virus – closing the door between the opening time and the nearest room.

It also found: “There was no high-risk single event or high-risk violation in this risk prevention and control process” but concluded that the virus was spread from one person to another when they both opened the door in a short time. To collect each other’s food.

In an interview with SAFM this morning, Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurier said that “every time we have a problem … more changes have been made to prevent the possibility of trying again what we have done”.

“Even though we’re doing our best with the facilities we get, people still need to be aware that there may be cases in our community as well – so we actually have some restrictions in our community,” she says. Said.

“If there are cases in our medi-hotels, it is possible to get them out, so it is everyone’s responsibility.”

But recent protests have called for a revaluation of Australia’s quarantine program, with state opposition arguing for more purpose-built construction facilities in the northern region, such as Howard Springs.

Peter Malinaskas, a labor leader who took such a step when the hotel was being demolished due to last year’s Parafield cluster, said today: “I was advocating at the time and continue to support the need for purposefully built quarantine facilities in Australia.”

“In the final count, Australia has had a 1m Madi-Hotel brewery, and they have significant results – up to a statewide lockdown,” he said.

“Hotels are built for tourists and business travelers – they are there without the virus, especially as a COVID as insidious and contagious.

“We know that the Indian form is particularly contagious, and the consequences with Victoria are serious.”

“The irony of the current situation is that the hotel quarantine does not contain the virus – it has spread the virus,” Malinaskas said.

“The man who took Victoria to India was very healthy. He didn’t have COVID before he came to the Edward Medi-Hotel,” he said.

“They went to a hotel, caught the virus, and took it to Victoria – it wouldn’t have happened if this person hadn’t been quarantined.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He said quarantine was a shared responsibility and that purpose-built facilities would be expensive. “The cost is comparatively less than the cost of locking,” he said.

Spurrier agreed that the purpose-built facility was “clearly something that the Commonwealth should be involved”.

He told ABC Radio: “We looked everywhere in South Australia, and if we had anything like Howard Springs, it would have been established.”

“Whatever facilities we have, we only use hotels where we know the air circulation is excellent and we are trying our best,” she said.

“I know this can be a great consolation for what’s going on in Melbourne right now, but there are thousands and thousands of people who are isolated in our hotel and there’s no problem.”

But the state’s emergency coordinator, Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens, argued in a separate interview with ABC Radio that “you can move on” if a suitable location is identified.

“I think if we can identify the right place to provide the right level of facilities for these people, the people who need to quarantine, and the staff who need to accommodate the needs of those people, then it should definitely be considered. The thing is, ”he said. Said.

However, he described the quarantine system as a “SA health problem” and said “the existence of such a place has not yet been identified.”

“There was talk of locations outside the metro area but there were complications with the medical facility [and] Logistics … It’s hard to provide staff, ”he said.

“In principle, if you find a place, you can probably move on to it, but mid-hotels like the one we have now are the best solution of the time.”

The Australian Medical Association has also called for a review of whether the hotel is quarantined. “We have to review whether we should do the hotel quarantine properly,” said Chris Moy.

Although he acknowledged that the area was problematic, he told ABC Radio: “From a medical point of view, many of my medical colleagues are concerned about the distance, because unfortunately [with] In these cases you have to keep important health infrastructure in those areas, so there are very serious concerns about getting out of the city too far. ”

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