Rwanda genocide: Macron accepts responsibility for France’s “coercion”

“France did not understand that when it tried to prevent a regional conflict or civil war, it actually stood for genocide,” Macron said after visiting the Gisoji monument in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

“In doing so, it supported a greater responsibility,” Macron said, the toughest public responsibility to date from a French leader.

“On this path, only those who walk through the night, can forgive us, give us the gift of forgiveness,” Macron said.

The French president has said his country was not involved in the genocide because the killers were not French, but he vowed that no suspected genocide person could escape justice. “

Activists are urging the perpetrators, some of whom have been living in France for years, to take action.

According to Ellis, Macron’s visit to Kigali is the final step in normalizing relations between France and Rwanda, which he said had long been overshadowed by France’s involvement in the genocide.

In 1989, about 800,000 mainly ethnic Tutsis were killed by the Hutu militia backed by the Rwandan government. France has been accused of failing to stop the genocide and supporting the Hattu regime, even after the genocide began.


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