Player of the Year – Round, 2021

Each round we will be posting our votes for the Swan Blog Player of the Year award.

Players will vote on their performance regardless of the previous day. The player with the most votes wins at the end of the season. Simple

The Round returned to the MCG for the first time since 2019 to face the Richmond Tigers on Saturday afternoon.

Richmond threatened to score quickly but Sydney took control of the game and never lost the lead except for the 45-point winner.

Sydney’s small forum line was dominated by Tom Paple, Sam Wicks and Errol Gulden, who won by a goal, while Sam Red, Hayden McLean, Isaac Henny and Logan MacDonald were left out.

Midfielder-cum-forward star Isaac Hayne’s goal in the third quarter did not dampen any hopes of Butter Richmond’s comeback, while Vick’s second goal of the game blew the siren to give Swann a 400-point lead.

April’s best day -0 degree day in Melbourne, the brightest thing than the sun was that Signet would announce Tiger in detail.

Chad Warner (20 displays, 2 goals) was again a force in midfield, while co-captains Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker and Dan Rampay led with brilliant lead.

Rock recruit Tom Hickey made his surprise start to the season with 1 hit-out and 2 goals, but it was his influence on rock that completely dominated the Tigers.

Three-time Premiership Rock and former Swann, Toby Nankarvis, could not get close to the ball in mid-competition, with Tom Hickey taking the ball back to his platform to Josh Kennedy in his midfield brigade.

Hickey’s two interceptions and goals in the first quarter were some of the main reasons why Hans was able to establish a lead early on.

Voting round.
– – Sam Wicks
– – Tom Hickey
– – Callum mills
2 – Tom Popley
1 – George Hewitt

– – Callum mills
8 – Errol Galden
– – Tom Hickey
– – Chad Warner
– – Jack Lloyd
– – Braden Campbell

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