OnePlus will launch the new Nord next month, but it’s not the Nord 2

After the start of OnePlus seriesThe company is turning its eyes to the popular and competitive Mid-range area In India. The company expanded its lineup with OnePlus Nord last year, and now, rumors suggest that the company is looking at more market competitors.

At a recent media roundtable, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed Android authorization That company will introduce the OnePlus Nord CE as part of its summer lineup. The phone is expected to appear on June 10. The signature on the device focuses on delivering the “core best features” needed in the product while bringing the OnePlus experience together. The company’s budget with the product will be a new smart television as part of the OnePlus U-series line.

Of OnePlus North It was a resounding success for the Indian company and OnePlus helped increase its market share by 200% in the fourth quarter of the year. Lau released that OnePlus Nord had played a key role in the growing market share.

The launch of the OnePlus Nord CE comes at a time when the company is looking for a flagship lineup in a more premium, upgraded trajectory. While OnePlus Nord promotes a mid-range lineup, Nord CE should give the company room to grow into an attractive entry-level area.

By the end of this year, OnePlus is also expected to expand its lineup of true-wireless products as part of its ongoing efforts to build an ecosystem. OnePlus recently launched OnePlus Watch And OnePlus band To do less than stellar reviews.

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