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The OnePlus Watch is the company’s first smartwatch, and many Android users are waiting for it. The OnePlus Watch has a round dial with an AMOLED display, and SpO2 tracking which should be a feature at these times. However for many people it is surprising that this watch started because it does not run Google’s WearOS as many people were expecting it. So how is OnePlus Watch against competition? Should it be your watch? I will try to answer these questions in this review.

OnePlus Watch Price in India

Of OnePlus Watch Rs. In India, 1,999. There will soon be a OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition, which is expected to be priced higher but we don’t have an official price or launch date. While the internals of these two variants are the same, the exteriors will be somewhat different which I will expand on later.

OnePlus watch design

Most smartwatches come in two dial sizes, a square or a circle. While square (or “square”) is popularized by size Apple Watch, There are some people who like a round dial because it looks like a traditional watch. OnePlus The latter is chosen, and the result is a large mm 46 mm circular dial set in a case made of stainless steel. The case looks and feels premium and is available in two colors and finishes, Midnight Black and Moonlight Silver.

1.39 on OnePlus Watch. There are inch AMOLED displays and thinner bezels that were hard to find in my Midnight Black unit. There is a 2.DD rotating glass at the top of the display, which rises above the rim of the case. The overall design looks clean and has two buttons on the right. OnePlus on the top button is engraved on it while the other is plain.

The OnePlus Watch has sensors and contact points on the underside

Turn the OnePlus watch over and you’ll notice that the underside is made of plastic. It has many sensors as well as charging points. There is a speaker port on the left and a microphone hole on the right. The case lugs are suitable with exterior extensions and all standard 22mm straps. OnePlus supplies high-quality fluorolostometer straps with a standard OnePlus watch. I wore the watch for more than two weeks and never experienced skin irritation. These straps have pin and tuck designs like the Apple Watch, which I found convenient and reassuring. You can remove the pen without any tools and replace it with any other 22mm strap you like.

OnePlus Watch alone, without attached straps, about the weight of the gram and that weight can certainly be easily seen. The OnePlus offers a single mm 46mm dial size only, which looks great on your wrist if you have a small hand. The watch is also relatively thick, and there’s a chance you’ll brush it off when hitting something or just moving your hands. I knocked on the door-to-door watch when I made a mistake while using it, but thankfully, it didn’t pick up a single scratch during the review period.

If you want better build properties, that’s where the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition comes in. This type of case is made of cobalt alloy instead of stainless steel and has a gold finish. It also has sapphire glass that protects the display, which offers good scratch resistance. The OnePlus shifts two straps with the Cobalt Limited Edition, a fluorolostomer strap just like the OnePlus Watch comes with, and an extra vegan leather strap with a butterfly buckle.

The OnePlus Watch uses a Pogo Pin charger to hold up to its 202 mAh battery. Fast charging in this watch in perfect OnePlus fashion. OnePlus Watch IP Dust. And is rated for dust and water resistance, and the company says it can withstand pressures up to AT ATMs.

OnePlus Watch specs and software

When the leak about the OnePlus Watch first surfaced, I was speculating that it would run Google’s WearOS and play Snapdragon Wear 00100 processor games. If you were expecting something like this, well that’s not the case. OnePlus Watch runs a custom real-time operating system (RTOS) and not WearOS. Interestingly, it has three separate processors, each with a different function. According to Forum post By OnePlus Product Manager, OnePlus Watch uses a combination of ST, 2, Apollo, and Cyprus chips. These are driving performance, low-power usage, and communication, respectively.

The OnePlus Watch has an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, ground sensor, barometer, blood oxygen sensor, and heart rate sensor. There is support for Bluetooth, NFC, and four satellite navigation systems. You get GB of storage so you can store some audio tracks on OnePlus Watch for offline listening. It’s possible to pair the watch with a pair of Bluetooth headphones so you can leave your smartphone behind when you go out for a run.

OnePlus Watch Application OnePlus Watch Review

OnePlus Health app syncs with OnePlus Watch to display fitness data

You can pair OnePlus Watch with Android running.0 and above Android smartphones. However, there is still no support for the iPhone, which recently limited the potential user base for the smartwatch. OnePlus Health app needs to set up a smartwatch. I didn’t find the process of pairing a smartphone very simple, and once the OnePlus Watch is connected it never loses connection as long as my smartphone is out of range.

The OnePlus Fitness app is the dashboard for all your fitness data and you can even change some device settings from the app. It also lets you change the faces you see and download new ones. You may have a digital or analog watch face, but oddly enough, I can’t set a digital watch face in 12 hour format; Only the 24 hour time frame was available. You have the option to create your own custom looking face using your photos. This app needs to transfer songs from your smartphone to OnePlus Watch.

OnePlus watch display and battery life

OnePlus Watch has a very simple UI that makes it easy to navigate. Sweeping over the watch face gives access to pending notifications, and swipe down allows you to access quick toggles. You can tap and hold the watch face to make changes. I can easily read notifications on the clock but only reply using predefined quick reply templates, which is not appropriate.

The OnePlus Watch did not always have the performance capability at the beginning, but it was rolled out as part of a software update shortly after its launch. You can enable it from observation and select from four faces. The OnePlus Watch also has an ambient light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

I found the OnePlus Watch to be aggressive with power savings. The screen goes fast I see it later. Auto brightness adjustment was also aggressive, and the default brightness is slightly lower. You have the option to increase it, which I did.

OnePlus Watch Sleep OnePlus Watch Review

OnePlus Watch Track shows detailed information on correct sleep and application

OnePlus Watch can track workout, heart rate, stress, SpO2, and sleep. Watch for about a month to see how I was doing. To check the accuracy of the heart rate sensor I compared its reading to that of the Apple Watch SE. I find the heart rate readings to be pretty much the same on both devices. However, heart rate tracking accuracy was inconsistent when working out.

To test step tracking accuracy, I counted 1,000 steps as I walked, but the OnePlus Watch put it at 30,330 steps. I also wore the OnePlus watch with it Apple Watch SE (Review) To track my activity throughout the day. Apple Watch measured 2,056 steps, while OnePlus Watch measured 1,32 steps in a single day.

For SpO2 tracking, I checked one against OnePlus Watch Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus And the same reading happened. I usually get SpO2 readings between O percent percent and 9 percent percent, which is within the right range for a healthy person.

Sleep tracking was right on the OnePlus Watch and matches what the Apple Watch SE was able to record. In the OnePlus Health app, you’ll find deep sleep, light sleep, and breakdowns for waking periods. It also shows information about the ideal duration of each sleep phase. Another feature on the OnePlus Watch is SpO2 tracking during sleep. This feature is disabled by default because it is heavy on the battery. If enabled, the app shows the lowest SpO2 level recorded during sleep, which was 90 percent (normal) in my case.

OnePlus Watch Speaker OnePlus Watch Review

The OnePlus Watch has speakers and you can take calls on it

Finally, you can take calls to OnePlus Watch using its speaker and microphone. If you increase the look in your ears, the speaker sound is enough. My callers mentioned that I was a little distant.

The battery life on the OnePlus Watch was great, and it lasted me for about 12 days on a single charge. It had WhatsApp notifications enabled and indoor workout tracked. If you don’t track frequently and use the OnePlus Watch entirely for information, you’ll be able to get the two-week battery life that OnePlus promises. Battery life is different if you track SpO2 levels and heart rate multiple times. With the One-Plus Watch always enabled display, battery life was cut in half for use only. If you enable SpO2 tracking during sleep, expect the battery life to sink further.

A fast charging feature is often associated with OnePlus phones, and the OnePlus Watch is equipped with what the company calls Warp Charge. The OnePlus Watch has reached 20 percent in just five minutes, which should be enough for a full day with my type of experiment. The watch reached 55 percent in 20 minutes, and it took 53 minutes to fully charge. Thanks to the fast charging and good battery life, you don’t have to worry about the OnePlus Watch running out of juice.


OnePlus Watch was a highly anticipated product, but it turned out to be anticlimactic. It doesn’t run WearOS so you don’t get a huge collection of Google’s ecosystem and applications. Functionality is limited, and this device acts as a smart indicator rather than a smartwatch. Good battery life, perfect sleep track, and cking SpO2 track are some of the things that are in favor of OnePlus Watch. While phase tracking and heart rate tracking during workouts was inconsistent.

If you are looking for a smartwatch to track fitness Amigit GTR 2e It can be a good option, and it also costs less. Alternatively, if you are looking for a smartwatch running Google’s Ware OS Oppo Watch mm 46 mm (Review) May also be worth considering.


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