Oisen raises MM to develop treatment for ‘zombie cells’ related to age-related diseases

Two of Eisen’s three co-founders: CEO Matthew Scholz (left) and Chief Scientific Officer John Lewis. (Oisín photos)

New Fund: Seattle Biotech Startup Oisín Biotechnologies Has risen Million million million seed rounds. It is currently developing prophylactic therapies that target and kill damaged cells that are biologically closed or “sensitive” and die. But as people get older, the cells may continue to grow as “zombie cells” that accumulate and are associated with diseases associated with aging.

The round was led by Althia Group, a New York-based venture fund that invested in early-stage companies. Oisen has raised a total of. 5.5 million.

Treatment approach: Oisín has developed a medical delivery device that calls it a proteo-lipid vehicle that carries DNA within it and can be injected into patients. The vehicle fuses with the patient’s cells and releases its DNA payload into them. When it attaches to a target cell – perhaps a sensitive or cancerous cell – DNA triggers its death. The startup is testing the technology on mice.

Now: The company focuses on the treatment of geriatric diseases, and this round of funding will accelerate the work on chronic kidney disease.

“Chronic kidney disease, our initial medical focus, has seen little progress in therapeutic progress over the past few decades. We are confident that Oisen will be able to better address this unmet medical need and will continue to explore other applications, ”he said. Matthew Scholz, CEO and co-founder of Oisín.

Co-founders: Scholes has a background in computer science, and is the founder of several biotech startups. He is also the CEO Oncosex, Who moved away from Oisín in 2016 and is studying the treatment of solid tumors.

John Lewis Is a co-founder and chief scientific officer Oisín, a professor He is the founder of Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Alberta where he holds the designated chair, and other companies at Oncosex.

Gary Hudson Is the third co-founder and executive chairman of the startup.

What’s in a name: Eisen, an Irish word for “USH-in”, is the name of a famous Gaelic poet and warrior of the Gaelic century. In his most famous story, Oisín travels to the magical island of a young woman with whom he marries a fairy woman.

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