Nigeria feared more than 150 1,150 in Duga accident

“The capacity was not up to 1 it0 passengers he took,” local officials said. (Representation)

Kano, Nigeria:

More than 1,150 people are missing and feared drowning after passengers drowned in the Niger River in northwestern Nigeria on Wednesday, local officials said.

The boat was traveling between Midwestern Niger State and Wara, in the west-west KB state, Yusuf Birma, local manager of the National Inland Waterways Authority, told reporters.

“The capacity was not up to 1 it0 passengers who were carrying,” Burma said.

“As we speak, only 20 people have been rescued, four have been confirmed while the remaining 16 are still missing and are believed to be under water.”

Another official said about 1,140 people were missing after the outbreak on Wednesday morning.

Duga accidents on Nigeria’s waterways are common due to overcrowding, bad weather and lack of maintenance, but Wednesday’s accident will be one of the most recent.

“The boat involved was a wooden boat that was old and very weak, but these people (skippers) refused to listen when we became sensitive to reduce the number of passengers they carried in their car,” said Burma.

He said the passengers were on their way to a market in Male, a local government area in Borgu, Niger State, when the boat sank for an hour.

Local district administrator Abdullahi Buhari Wara had earlier blamed the accident on overloading as Du meant to try to bring more than 800 passengers on board.

The ship was loaded with sandbags from a gold mine, he said.

Earlier this month, people drowned while capturing an overweight boat in the state of Niger.

The 100 local traders were divided into two parts of the emergency room, according to storm officials.

Niger is the main river in West Africa that flows from Guyana to the Niger Delta of Nigeria through the crescent and is a major local trade route for some countries.

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