Morrison’s Higgins research covers a very open

In Morrison’s government, it seems that it is not important to know who knew who – or when – when. Britney Higgins It can happen to all of us.

Details such as alleged evidence of rape, justice for the victim, the rapist is still large, or government ministers are only interested in protecting their own skin.

What does the media know? What questions need to be managed? How can all this be avoided? These are relevant questions. Because when you’re not trying to investigate a crime but only care about the optics, the first priority is to get the jump to find someone else.

Scotty filled staff steam clean under the parliamentary carpet

The culture of cover-up and victim-blame is in full display in all its glory behind the Morrison government’s response to Brittany Higgins ’rape allegations.

This week, like several weeks after former Liberal Party staffer Britney Higgins Accused She was raped by a fellow liberal staffer at the Parliament building – the public house – revealing more of an extensive cover-up. However the government has failed to substantiate the evidence it seeks to establish in relation to this fact.

With each passing week, there is a list of people who know about rape but don’t want to act and no longer know what they know, or if they know anything, it continues to grow.


Consider the following Comment During yesterday’s Senate session, Higgins’ allegations were inferred from the person leading the government’s internal investigation, the prime minister and the secretary of state, Phil Gaetjens:

Thank you for emptying it, Phil! But let’s not stray from the truth of Phil’s remarks because – even after 100 days of internal research – Phil himself still looks like this. More than a little confused.

In the following exchange (at the time of estimation) with the senator Penny Wong, Phil “The light flowsAbout her role in the research:

Senate Simon Birmingham Signet’s estimates also questioned why Higgins’ alleged rapist was fired, but many questions seemed to be distracted when taken into account.

Penny Wong Brief Contributions to Birmingham’s research include:

There is a report presented by the current Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister in Parliament on Tuesday (May 2). John Kunkel, In which, among other things, the department investigated its own conduct in connection with allegations of defamation of Higgins’ friend, David Sharaz. Kunkel reports that Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s media team has refused to find “first-hand” evidence that journalists were given negative briefings against Sharaz.

No independent investigation is necessary, then.

As Penny Wong Pointed outThe report, however, does not excuse anyone, as Kunkel “did not find the background – he did not just say it happened.”

It’s amazing that the office Peter Dutton – At the beginning Dismissed One of the allegations, he said, was made public a month before the allegations were summed up. Earlier this year, Dutton revealed that he had first been charged with special rape in February 2021, when he was AFP commissioner. Reese Witherspoon Shared information under the “Sensitive Research” Disclosure Guidelines.

However, we now know, courtesy of AFP, that Peter Dutton’s office learned of the alleged sexual abuse in October 2019. Either Dutton’s department stopped going to extraordinary lengths for more than 1 month, or he suffered from extreme memory loss episodes, To remind Arthur’s “I Can’t Remember” Sinodinos.

Surprisingly, Dutton also chose not to act. Surprisingly, it now looks like he lied when he knew what he knew, which makes him a pacer in the cover-up. Then again, Dutton gave Record, That is not so surprising.

Then there is the Prime Minister himself, who continues to say that he and his entire office were unaware of the alleged rape until February 11, 2021. At least Morrison agreed to go 24 hours before Dutton.

Minister of Defense Linda ReynoldsThe man whose office was charged with the crime was known back in March 201, when the alleged incident took place, but neither the prime minister nor anyone else was aware of it. Nor did he encourage research. Or look at security procedures.

The coalition government has denied allegations of rape by cabinet members

Dr. Jennifer Wilson writes that the coalition government, shaken by another scandal, has again tried to stop the allegations of rape in 198.8.

Since the incident was treated as a “security breach”, CCTV footage At the time of the incident, Reynolds’ office must have been watched by people including parliamentary security officials, staff of the Prime Minister’s Office – the then senior adviser to the Prime Minister. Fiona Brown – And, perhaps, by Reynolds.

But the victim has never made it available to Herren, or AFP, or anyone else – obviously. Reynolds arranged to find time in Paul Have – where the incident may or may not have happened – to be professionally clean. Maybe he was advised by our religious prime minister that cleanliness is on the side of divinity. Reynolds also got time Tomorrow The alleged victim is Britney Higgins, a “lying cow” who is not sure where the advice came from.

And the Minister of Employment Michaelia Cash She says she didn’t know anything until February this year – six days before Morrison and seven days before Dutton. She did not share that information with the Prime Minister. Or then Home Affairs Minister Dutton. Or take any action anyway.

In short, the only staff vacated for the Mission Higgins rape cover-up are Parliamentary Security Staff, Reynolds, Reynolds staff, Fiona Brown, Michael Cass, Cash staff, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Cabinet of the Interior Ministry. Peter Dutton, AFP, Alleged Rapist, Husbands and wives Above all, their friends, their families, their families ‘age couple, their families’ tennis partners and possibly the Prime Minister.

Jokingly, it is clear from the complete frustration that the Morrison government has an “inquiry” that there is zero transparency. We cannot trust this government to properly investigate allegations of such serious issues or the consequences of incompetence and corruption. One can only hope that an independent investigation will establish the facts.

When Scott Morrison claimed he knew nothing before the media did, he also claimed to have “listened to Britney.”

Then the Prime Minister Claimed He gave an “explanation” after he gave his wife Jenny an epiphany when she said:

Well, obviously, not much.

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