Medison must challenge Morrison’s lie – when it is uncomfortable

All journalists have at least some potential to increase the pressure on Scott Morrison. But some are in a better position to challenge his lies and lies.

How does a politician cover up a lie easily or incorporate it as an important part of his political business model?

It has happened A problematic issue For American journalists who have faced Donald Trump, not only that Regular lying But who seemed to want to lie even if it wasn’t necessary – by the end of his presidency, more than 300,000 liars The Washington Post.

Part of Trump’s response to the US media has been the spread of fact-checking, and journalists – even those directly involved in reporting – have been reluctant to repeat his claims without being aware of their wrong or competitive position.

Some journalists, e.g. Jim Acosta, Were ready to aggressively dispute Trump’s claim. This risked being punished by the administration and criticized by other journalists – but not just those in the partisan media.

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Not only did Scott Morrison try to lie at Trump’s level, but the frequency and obvious nature of his deception and untruths raise similar questions in the Australian media.

For a long time as his prime minister, the media did not do well to challenge Morrison’s lies. This has improved in 2021, as many journalists – including those working for the Coalition Elite News Corp – have been critical of the conference during the conference, especially on communications issues.

This Sky News’ Andrew Clanell told a particular lie when Morrison pressed the government on workplace standards. Morrison responded by making a claim about a harassment complaint within News Corp, a lie for which he had to apologize that night.

That incident showed that Morrison was unusually thin skin for a senior politician. He responds aggressively and undisciplined when challenged, and it doesn’t matter if he seems to be burning with questions or talking to a journalist. Nor does he like to lie, it is seen through the attack.

Morrison has resorted to the political tactic of ignoring more media conferences when he knows he will face difficult problems. This means that few journalists have a strong opportunity to engage in the repetitive questioning needed to deal with lies.

Moreover, with the exception of the Prime Minister’s brainstorming, the standard press conference format is generally not conducive to challenging lies: it is a competition between journalists over who can raise questions and politicians can choose what they can answer and when they will end it.

Only journalists who have conducted long-term interviews with Morrison are in a position to properly challenge his lies. But when he tells a lie, he struggles to interrupt his conversation. It is important that this is an interview from outside the press gallery, A current affair Tracy Grimshaw, Who has brought the most punitive blow? In the mishandling of Morrison and his gender issues.

No less should it be considered a journalistic failure right now – Media Morrison voters should not be seen as part of a misleading scheme of thinking strategy, and should be provided with a credible platform.

Other journalists, editors and producers who do not get the opportunity for extended interviews can do better. While fact-checking units have become commonplace, not all media companies have or use them effectively. Many journalists still see his job as a statement by politicians calling him a liar, without making any effort to ensure that his readers and listeners are not misled.

And some mainstream outlets are willing to regularly use the word “lie” about Morrison, especially in the headlines, no matter how untrue.

Calling someone a liar carries with it the risk of defamation, although the court must secure responsible reporting on serious matters of political debate. For media outlets struggling with limited resources, it is easy to avoid suing Australia’s pro-court, resorting to more favorable terms such as “false” or “untrue”. Some media professionals even sneer at “lies,” emphasizing that it suggests an element of intent that cannot be proven.

However, politicians who embrace deception as a false element must repeat the claim that they are wrong or widely deceived in demonstrations as part of a political strategy. Especially the Prime Minister, who as a national leader should be considered to have some level of dignified political conduct.

This is not the role of a journalist attacking and campaigning against the Prime Minister. But their job is to have an account, even if inconvenient, and not to be a party that misleads Australians.

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