Mali’s president and prime minister released

Malian’s interim president, Bah एन’u’llh, has been released after being arrested earlier in the week.

An adviser close to Owen, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the two men had been released early Thursday morning from a military base in Kati, 1wm northwest of Bama.

On Tuesday, Malian Vice President Asimi Goita announced that N. Dow and Owen had been removed and promised new elections in 2022.

Ann Dow and Owen have not commented on the situation. He was arrested on Monday shortly after the new cabinet was appointed.

The army ignored two senior army officials who would fill key positions in the new cabinet but remove President Ibrahim Bobkar Keita in August.

The international community, including the United Nations, Germany and France, has condemned the leaders’ detention.

France called the move a “coupon” and threatened sanctions, urging the UN Security Council to take action.

The West African regional alliance ECOWAS sent a mediation team to Bamako on Tuesday.

When Keita was uprooted, the junta disbanded only in January.

Under Echoes’ pressure, a transitional government led by former Defense Minister Ann Dow was formed.

The new government was expected to strike a balance between the interests of the military and civil society, amend the constitution and hold elections within a month.


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