Make online classes fun for your child

In the current epidemic, as lockdowns have become easier worldwide, policymakers are trying to decide whether it is safe for students to go back to school. Their work has been challenged by the lack of evidence that children are more or less at risk for the new coronavirus.

In countries where cases are declining, the government has reopened their schools. But in countries like India where daily incidents are on the rise, fears are growing over the question of sending children back to the classroom. The epidemic situation has put schools and teachers in an emergency remote teaching mode.

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Saloni Shah teaches in eighth grade. Her online learning experience as a student has been very stressful and irritating. When we asked her more about it, she said the following.

“I honestly feel like I’m not learning anything, just getting daily assignments. The only thing I like about online class 2020 is that I can stay at home and choose to work. But, I don’t like the fact that I’m not learning anything – just watching videos. And I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing. It’s putting more stress on me. Also, if I have any questions I have to wait for my teacher. That response won’t come until the next day. I also like to be in the physical classroom because I’m from my peers I can get help. “

Like Saloni, many students around the world are stressed and tired in the online classroom by 2020. As online education shifts over the long term, experts say there is a huge psychological, emotional and educational impact.

Impact of online education on students

  • Lack of involvement
  • While the benefits of online learning are many, this overnight shift from offline to online study has affected student learning. There is a lack of involvement leaving students. This is because schools offer a structured learning environment, which cannot be achieved when students are confined to their homes. Online education interferes with their general education structure, often confusing them.

  • Lack of motivation
  • Research proves that students are not motivated to complete their tasks when they are not surrounded by peers. This is true for children under 10, often requiring one-on-one contact to keep them busy.

  • Lack of productivity
  • Another major challenge is to encourage students. This is because the comfort of home brings down productivity, and many of them end up spending hours.

  • Lack of connection
  • Power outages and lack of internet connection affect online education. Also, many students face problems with frequent logins.

    A successful online experience, especially when needed for the long term, requires teachers, students, and families to adjust to the new routine. Parents and teachers can help students find the right online teaching approaches, stay accountable for their work, and seek additional help when needed.

    As a parent, here are some things you can do to help your child learn online.

  • Make a table
  • A traditional school day gives your child a lot of structure. However, in the case of e-studies, this is not easy. Especially for young victims, managing this growing autonomy is a challenge. This is why participating in your e-learning requires your child to build their routines and manage to stay on time track effectively. It is important to have a well thought out daily schedule, and it can be a great help in making such a plan and making sure that it is followed.

  • Demonstrate hard work and diligence
  • An online classroom can eliminate many of the accountability systems your child used in a traditional classroom. For example, time management skills – this motivation comes naturally to some students than others. Either way, getting used to online learning platforms and working through productive struggles to learn independently in general can be challenging. You can make a big difference just by demonstrating the ubiquity and importance of these skills in the “real world” outside of school.

  • There is a designated workplace
  • The right workspace makes a big difference in your child’s mindset and helps him stay focused. When they participate in online education, they can complete their work wherever they want. So you need to think about what kind of environment is really most effective for your child and make sure they have a designated place in their home.

  • Understand online learning platforms
  • Online learning means that students immerse their school days on online platforms. So, take the time to get acquainted with what those platforms look like, how your child is using them, what resources are available, and how you can support them.

  • Conversation with your child’s teacher
  • Students are learning online, but they are not learning independently. While teachers still play an open role in maintaining e-learning, frequent communication is critical to student success. So, make sure you participate in this ongoing dialogue and get proper help if needed.

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