Lord PS5 War is the official name, the new logo treatment

Almost everyone believed that it was coming God of war The PS5 game is said to be “Ragnarok Coming” after Sony shouted, and now we know it’s officially the title of the upcoming action game. Sony’s new investor relationship documents show that the game is actually called War of the Gods: Ragnarok.

Even more fun tidbit is that the fantasy new logo in the last entry in Kratos’ Adventure. It’s all in blue and uses the same font as the previous teaser. War of the Gods: Ragnarok God of War will be the ninth game in the series. External to the PlayStation 2, it was previously announced for release in 2021, although there have been no official updates yet indicating that it is still running or delayed. Of God of war The team, led by director Corey Barlag, will develop the PS5 game again at the Santa Monica studio.

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Check War of the Gods: Ragnarok Logo bottom:

God of War PS5 ragnarok logo

201’s God of war Served as a soft reboot of the Franciscans to use as an inspiration from Greek mythology to Norse mythology. Kratos is still a playable character and confirmed to be the same person, while he now has a son, Atrius. The emotional journey continued with critical acclaim and widespread acclaim for its plot, which was previously considered a weak point in the series. It also had different combat systems compared to previous hack-and-slash entries, which made the fight more formal than in nature.

We have more War of the Gods: Ragnarok Sony continues to release information on the highly anticipated PlayStation game.

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