Line of Duty: Jade Mercurio ‘We know there are people out there who don’t like shows’.

Nigel Boyle is in the series as DSU Buckells.

So. Jimmy NesbittSo good sense of humor!

[Laughs] Yes! It was great. The first conversation I had with Jimmy was, “It has to slip inside your teeth and go in the wrong direction.” That said, they’ll think, well, that means he’s and he’s coming at the light of all the guns. H was in Igma and didn’t know who it was, but rather a closed circle mystery, like a country house spy story, revealing who the person was in a way that was extremely surprising and I argue the most unpredictable and destructive.

The work is done. You totally got me with Buckells. By all means I am telling everyone that he is just a stupid pawn. I remember it was half what Buckells had it takes to be a useful idiot. He was not even with us List of Bent Copper… When did you know that he was the one who typed those ‘Definately’ messages in the series?

That was through our way of thinking. You only ever press the button when you actually come to make sure the actor is available and you’re going to shoot. In the fifth season, steps were taken to keep it as alive as possible, as we wanted to be able to reliably point fingers at other people. Going into the Six Tu season, we decided that we would reveal H, and then how do we make it that reveals the most amazing?

There were obviously two ways to get there. We can just create a lot of confirmed information so that when we get it, it was inevitable that it was going to be a certain person, and then the drama works differently. It won’t be so much Who That is, it will be ‘do they catch up?’, Which was kind of what we did in two or three sessions Caddy. My main thought was this, it was important that we weren’t doing what we did with Cady and just repeat, which is that we made it clear who the bad guy was, and it’s all about stress. And risk going around whether they will be caught or not.

It seemed that we were so successful in maintaining the H secret that people honestly did not know who he was – they had very few theories, but no one was able to present completely credible evidence for one candidate or another. So we went to the six senses that it works more in the case of H’s mystery than the danger of knowing it.

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