Kim Kardashian Dennis ever hook up with Travis Barker!

Kim Kardashian Eventually she addresses the rumors that she hooks up with Travis Barker, And her response is very inneresting!

By that, we certainly mean, first of all, that it’s a little harder to believe KUWTK Tara blasted those rumors with nothing but “false stories” – so, big deception? Because if true, it would mean that some celebrities were in it.

The comment came on Wednesday when Kimmy Cakes decided to answer some of her fan questions Instagram stories. Naturally, a fan asked him and what Kourtney KardashianThe boyfriend had been hooked in the past – that was the claim Made by Drummer’s Ex Shanna Mokler And corroborated by Aubrey O’Day Of all people Thanks for a resurfaced Instagram Quotes.

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When asked if he has ever played with it Jhimka-122 Member’s drumstick, this Skims The founder wrote:

“No! Wrong story! We have been friends for many years and I am very happy for him and the court. “

(c) Kim Kardashian / Instagram stories

Well, that’s a clear and concise denial, isn’t it?

Normally, when a celebrity addresses a rumor in their own words, we want to take their word for it – but there are few accomplishments to take Kim’s comment at face value.

First, we have Travis’ ex-wife’s account. Earlier this month, Mockler claims she “caught up” with the musician and had “an affair” with the musician. KKW beauty Mogul insists on their 200 divorces before divorce Us weekly That her ex-husband lied about not living with Kim in the past “100 percent”. She claimed:

“We were working on our marriage and trying to get that infidelity out of that job, that infidelity, [but] He continued [work with her]. And then I get all the text messages and other third parties let me know. This is something I knew very well. ”

Although Travis denied having any romantic relationship with Kim in his 2015 book, I can say: big life, deceitful death, and drums, drums, drums, He admitted “Silently checking” out of her When he was spending time with Busty Paris Hilton.

Barker said while promoting the book To us At that time:

“How come you don’t look at Kim?” You remember, I used to enjoy hanging out with Paris, but I like curvy girls. Kim’s eyes were candy. I didn’t disrespect Paris in any way, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Kim. ”

So there’s a fair third party: a resurgent IG post from O’Day since July 2020 claimed:

“I was‘ bffs ’with Kim Kardashian in fourth place [of July]. She was hanging out with Travis Barker and we were at her house … she was really a dope. “

And that was posted long ago by Kourtney and Travis! As we said, there are just too many receipts to ignore.

Clearly, Kim made her position clear, but it amazes us: what does Courtney think about all this? If Kim is publicly denying the rumors, is she also denying him? Or did both go as “false statements” to refute the agreement in public so fans have less eyeballs?

Your guess is as good as ours, dear onion readers, so share your thoughts (below)!

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