Julia admits to jealousy and selfishness in the relationship

Julia Trubkina has been criticized by fianc fans for giving her a day off for her jealousy. However, the dancer said that she is aware of her subjects and is working on them.

Julia Trubkina’s fans soon followed her 90 days Fiancian Season 8, however 90 days Fiancé: Happiness ever after? The star owns her extreme jealousy issues. Fans recently labeled Julia The biggest suffrage decline from grace He quickly turned from a fan-favorite personality to a potential franchise villain. The audience first turned to the dancer when she underwent plastic surgery and, for the audience’s sympathy, agreed to portray the story of her 8th story in the wrong direction. However, Julia’s extreme jealousy and mood changes Never after happiness Fans once again criticized his behavior. Fortunately, Julia is aware of her misbehavior and is working to overcome her jealousy issues.

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Season. Of Never after happiness Not much has been done to improve Julia’s reputation. Fans mocked the dancer for the first time because of her extreme jealousy about her husband Brandon Gibbs because viewers believe the farm boy is too far to catch up. Therefore, her husband’s jealousy seems to be a laughing stock for many. However, the audience was outraged when Julia banned Brandon from making female friends because he called her “Hidden“And”FoxAnyway fan sympathy with Julia When Brandon’s friend Melanie questioned his marriage intentions, many viewers still think that Julia Hurkin and her relationship need to be more secure.

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Julia Feedback Fan criticism in his jealousy In an Instagram post of her and Brandon kissing. “Yes, I’m really jealous (I can’t be perfect at everything)“She opened her long caption.”For no reason or reason, I don’t know why this feeling persists in me. This worries my friends, yes I can be jealous of friends for friends. Maybe it’s selfishness, I want everyone’s attention, maybe it’s something from the past (I don’t want to discuss it yet), but believe me, I’m trying to fight this character battle and I’m not bad at it. Are you jealousShe captioned the comment. Commentators praised Julia for her behavior rather than ignoring her current situation.

Jealousy happens! It could be worse for sure. Angela is insanely very jealous“One commenter wrote about Julia’s co-star Angela Deem. Viewers have repeatedly commented that for 2-year-old Julia, Julia looks quite immature, although some were convinced she would mature as she got older.”As I get older I’m not jealous I’m the same as before,“One fan shared. Although some commentators were still criticizing Julia’s behavior.”It’s not normal to be ridiculously jealous of Brandon … just like you are … and for no reason. Your behavior is shameful, and it hurts your husband,“One commenter wrote before suggesting therapy. Many commenters tended to support and comfort Julia so she could work with Brandon on her issue.

The dancer’s jealousy has become the biggest problem in Julia and Brandon’s relationship. Anyway, the other main issue continues as a couple living on Brandon’s parental farm. Like Julia, Brandon’s mother, Betty Brandon, is known for her many possessions. The son also admitted to being jealous of the time he spent with his wife. It seems that both Julia and Betty need to learn how to leave Brandon and how not to, as many viewers have noted similarities between Julia and her mother-in-law. There are fans Brandon and Julia hoping to mature Regarding the new episode 90 days Fiancé: Happiness ever after? Season.

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