Joe deserves better treatment from Burrow Bengal

Yes, he is their number one.
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Joe Burroughs makes me run from the brick wall head first, and I’m not even a Bengal fan.

Nowadays when I turn on the TV, I feel like watching LeBron James Roll to the floor after being boxed out by Chris Paul. Doing, or Zach Plesac “Too aggressive” should take off his shirt and sit outside. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see a young goat like Joe Burrow going out to encourage his team even though he’s not completely healthy. ACL and MML tears From last November

No. 1 overall pick of the 2020 draft, Joe Burroughs, Participated The first day of OTAs in Cincinnati Bengal yesterday. As you might expect, Burroughs was not forced to do anything harsh during his work on the first field after the injury – limited to just making “short throws”. Later, Burroughs offered more encouraging words that he hopes to be “ready” for Week 1 of the upcoming season, and his knee is currently at “85 percent.”

That all sounds good and good, but if your franchise quarterback gets a little hurt, aren’t we ignoring any activity that could ruin his position? Well, that’s not exactly according to the franchise quarterback. Burrow made the decision Must be in The first day of the Bengal OTAs because it was important for his teammates to be there.

I like it … like, a lot. Should Burrows put themselves in danger to motivate their team? You can argue against that, but as long as Bengal has a role to play in ensuring that a 2-year-old’s wounds do not heal (making sure) No one comes within 10 feet His), then everything should be fine.

Burroughs’ actions made me think: “Wow, Cincinnati has a great leader in the palm of its hand. So why don’t they treat him like that? ”

The Burrows ‘first year in black and orange seemed to have seen the Bengals use their star quarterbacks as a social object, using photoshoots, hype videos, and Burroughs’ tic-tac-toe to grab the attention of NFL fans. Invest in Burroughs’ health and success. The Bengal selection of Jaimer Chase in this year’s draft further proves this point. Instead of doubling their number one overall pick, the Beagles chose to go for a brighter, happier receiver. Why Because, “Oh man. How much fun it would be for two former teammates to split in college and split in the same team in the NFL.”

She is dumb. Offensive lines have long proved to be a more valuable asset for an NFL team. Why do you think the top-7 teams in the league when it comes Adjusted bag rate Did you make it all play-off in 2020? In terms of detailed receivers, only two teams had three or more 800,000 yard receivers in 2020: the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I doubt you will call any of those teams Super Bowl contenders. In fact, those two teams are well known for not being able to save their star quarterbacks. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Six of the 1 playoff teams in 2020 had only two receivers with a 200-yard season. Four teams had such a receiver, and three teams had none. No. from Penny Sewell. The option to choose chess at number tells T Higgins and Tyler Boyd that they are not enough – even if you are brilliant in 2020 – but it also tells Joe Burroughs that he is not good enough to provide decent. Air strikes

Before anyone says that Cincinnati’s second-round pick – Clemson OT Jackson Carmen – will give Burroughs the right protection, I urge them to look at the pro-bowl numbers and choose between detailed receivers and offensive tackles. First round Of the NFL draft. Of the first two first-round offensive tackles between 2011 and 2020, 10 have been named after at least one Pro Bowl (2.8.8%). Meanwhile, only seven of the wide 37 wide receivers taken in the same timespan have become pro bowlers (1 18.9 percent, the lowest rate of any positional group). Offensive-line talent in the first round is much easier to evaluate than detailed receivers, so to pass a “bust-bust” selection like Sewell, especially in favor of chess, is just too frustrating. The bad deserves the good.


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