Jillian Michael says she never mentioned Lizo but is not obese

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Celebrity trainers and fitness experts Jillian Michael Thursday’s episode was a guest “Carlos Watson Show” And he defended his position after being pulled from a previous interview where he said not to know about obesity. Lizzo Her body is respected for its positivity.

At least this time he tried to keep the question away from Lizo, “The first time I was asked, I had to leave a person out of a conversation about health. That’s the truth where I’ve made a mistake. That’s literally the only place where I’ll tell you I’ve made a mistake.” If the conversation is about obesity, we should celebrate people, we should not celebrate big ones, and if they are small, we should not celebrate anyone, we should celebrate because of the quality of one’s character, obesity is only unhealthy. There is no virtue in virtue. They are not connected. They are a completely different issue. So the fact that these strange things are inherent in some bizarre, politically correct alternative universe is quite a shame because we are not benefiting anyone. When you are an expert in a category you have an obligation to speak the truth.

See his answer to Carlos’ question about the controversy below:

Did you know that obesity is the leading cause of death for almost anything in the world?

Do you think Jillian is sticking to his position or do you think he should tip out?


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