Indonesia’s tech market grows to डलर 00 billion a year

Indonesia’s technology market is at a radiation point and could grow rapidly in the next two to three years to २०० 200 billion to $ 100 billion, said John Riyadi, director of Lippo Group, the country’s largest company.

“Indonesia is Asia’s most exciting digital and technology market and reasonably global,” Riyadi told CNBC. “Road Signals Asia” Thursday

“When our group first invested in technology in 2012, the size of Indonesia’s entire technology market was about करोड 100 million. Today, the same asset class is about अरब 20 billion,” he added.

Lippo Group is founded by Riady Grandpa. The group trades in a wide array of sectors, including real estate, retail, healthcare and telecommunications. Riyadi Group is led by Information Technology and is also the CEO of Real Estate Developer Hands, Lippo Karawaci.

Riyadi told CNBC that the group has invested more than समा 300 million in Indonesia’s tech space, including Jakarta-based OVO. Digital payment platform. He said Indonesia was close to the point of view of technology that China saw in the early 2000s, when tech options grew rapidly.

Indonesia is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of over 2.27 million. E-commerce firms including Booklap and OVO – there are many so-called Yincorn start-ups in this country – or private companies valued at अरब 1 billion and above. According to CB insights.

Investors say the country’s growing Internet users and expanded middle class are well suited for the digital boom. But Indonesia is a difficult market to navigate, partly because the population is spread over more than 10,000 islands – many with their own culture and language.

Still, the development potential of Indonesia’s tech scene has paved the way for Internet start-ups that have attracted the attention of international investors.

Last week, the country’s two leading tech companies, vehicle-healing and payment firm Gojek and e-commerce firm Tokpedia, announced Merger in the form of a body called GoTo Group.

The GoTo Group has leading bakers who have previously invested in Gojek or Tokopedia. They have Chinese tech giants Alibaba And Tencent, As well as Sequoia Capital India and Singapore state investor Temesek.

– CNBC’s friend Roy Chaudhary contributed to this report.


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