Indians honored on duty to kill Indians

India is the fifth largest contributor of uniformed staff to the United Nations for the establishment of peace (House of Representatives).

United Nations:

Three Indian peacekeepers who lost their lives serving in the UN peacekeeping force last year on Thursday honored 12 military, police and civilian personnel and awarded them the posthumous UN Medal of Honor for their sacrifices in the field of duty. .

Corporal Yuvraj Singh, who works with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), and Ivan Michael Picardo, two UNMISS personnel, and Mulchand Yadav, who works for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNMI) – at a virtual ceremony on Monday to mark the International Day of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. The Doug Hammerskold Medal was posthumously honored.

According to the United Nations, India is the fifth largest contributor to uniformed peacekeepers for operations in Abei, Cyprus, Congo, Lebanon, the Middle East, Somalia, South Sudan and Western Sahara, with more than 50,000 military and police personnel.

“On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Peacekeeping, I salute the men and women working in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in foreign countries to safeguard international peace and security,” said TS Thirumurthy, Ambassador to the United Nations.

The International Day of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force is celebrated on May 2 each year to honor civilian personnel, including uniforms, for their invaluable contributions to the work of the United Nations and to honor the more than 2,000 UN peacekeepers who have served under the United Nations flag. 1 194 to 88.

Earlier in the day, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres presented a wreath to the peacekeepers around the United Nations, and the Doug Hummerscold Medal, presided over by the president, presented posthumous honors to the last peacekeepers who lost their lives under the UN flag. In the year and the first month of this year.

The theme for this year’s observation is “The Path to Sustainable Peace: The Benefits of Youth Power for Peace and Security.”

Thousands of young peacekeepers between the ages of 1 and 2 years around the world play a key role in helping UN missions carry out their official activities, the United Nations said.

“The challenges and threats facing our peacekeepers are immense. They work hard every day to protect the world’s most vulnerable in the face of a double threat of violence and a global epidemic,” Mr Guterres said at the virtual ceremony.

The head of the UN said that despite the Covid 1, not only did the peacekeepers not want to continue their core operations in all UN missions, they were also supporting national and community efforts to fight the virus.

“I am proud of what they have done,” he said, adding that falling UN peacekeepers – uniforms and civilians – had lost their lives in accidents and illnesses, including Covid 1.

The fallen peacekeepers came from 44 different countries and diverse backgrounds but were united by a common purpose: “We are forever in their debt to serve our great organization, to promote peace and security and to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable,” Mr Guterres said. Said.

The Secretary-General also presented the 2020 Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award. Kenya’s military officer, Major Staplene Baiki Naboga, who worked with the United Nations in Operation Darfur in the African Union.

Created in 2016, “One Man Respects the Dedication and Efforts of the Peace Corps to Promote the Principles of the United Nations Security Resolution 1 13225 on Women, Peace and Security”.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, salutes the dedication and bravery of the United Nations peacekeeping force, which is promoting an epidemic in a challenging environment

“I also respect our young peacekeepers who bring energy and innovation and serve as role models for young people to ensure meaningful representation and participation in the political process through tireless efforts,” he said.

Mr Lacroix said the UN peacekeepers “deserve our full support” and that “we must continue to work together to improve their security and safety and provide them with the tools to succeed.”

The International Day of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force was established in 2002 by the General Assembly to pay tribute to all the men and women serving in the peacekeeping force and to remember those who lost their lives for peace.

In commemoration of that day in 1948, the General Assembly convened on May 2, when the United Nations first launched a peacekeeping mission, the UN Trace Observation Organization (UNTSO), in Palestine. Has been designated as the International Day of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

Since then, more than one million women and men have worked in the UN2 UN peacekeeping mission, which has directly affected millions and saved countless lives. Today, UN peacekeeping has deployed more than 1,000 military, police and civilian personnel in 12 operations.


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