How To Snag Prime Day Lightning Deals

Ignore Amazon’s summer sales, Prime Day, Which is happening this year (exact dates have yet to be announced) and usually lasts up to a full hour. One of the best ways to find good prices during the sales fest is through Amazon’s electricity business.

Lightning deals are limited stock available at low prices for a limited time, with a customer purchase limit per item. They usually offer the best selling prices during Prime Deco, which increases the demand for them if it is high.

Lightning deals expire in two ways: either the expiration date expires, or customers claim all available stock. Because these deals are often sold out quickly, you want an action plan.

Strategy 1: Cart Defense

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First, let us consider how electricity is traded. Once you claim the electricity deal, you have 1 minute to check. If you don’t check in at that time, the deal is dropped from your cart and grabbed by the general public. Or, if all the stocks are claimed, the deal goes to another person on the electricity deal list (we’ll get to that in a moment).

One strategy is to claim what you like by putting it in your cart, jump to your favorite site quickly CamelKamel Or Kipa To check the item’s price history, and return either discard it from your cart or purchase within the specified 15 minutes.

Strategy 2: Plan ahead

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If he has a lot of problems, try looking ahead. Amazon often teasing its power deal in advance. If you visit the Prime Day webpage, for example you should see the carousel of Lightning Deals. Keep scrolling through those deals, and you’ll soon hit the products on the deck but haven’t started selling yet.

Upcoming electricity deals do not show the sale price until they have a direct sale, but you can still use the time for research. If you find something you like to buy, then check the historical price. When a product goes on sale, you know if Amazon’s limited-time price is worth it.

Strategy :: Obtain alerts for specific electricity deals

Talking about which, you don’t have to wait around or keep an eye on the clock to know when your favorite deals are direct. The Amazon app for Android and iOS helps you build a Deal Watch list, and then receive notifications when your Deals are active.

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Waiting list settings on Amazon Shopping for Android.

Once you’ve installed the Amazon app and signed in, go Settings> Notifications> Your watch and waiting list deals. Activate the slider in that section. You can now add things to your watchlist by going to the Compromise page in the app, finding upcoming deals that interest you, and tapping. See this agreement.

You can also build a watch list on it From your desktop PC, but you will not receive any notifications. Instead you should check Your watch list on Amazon’s website. Amazon says its browser add-on, Amazon Assistant, will send notifications when Lightning Deals are direct to your watch list, but in our tests that didn’t happen in Firefox for Windows.

Strategy :: Waiting lists

We have done everything. You take something from Amazon, leave it in your cart, and immediately forget about it. When this happens with an electric deal the item is dropped from your cart 1 minute later. It comes within the waiting list there. If you find an electricity deal that is still valid, but out of stock, you will see a button that says Join the waiting list.

This means that probably all items have been claimed but not all purchased. After joining a waitlist, if the item falls out of someone’s cart, and you’re on the next line on the waiting list, you have a chance to buy it.

The Amazon mobile app for Android or iOS provides a notification if the deal becomes available to you. On the website you will see a notice in the upper right corner of the site. Once your shot arrives, you have limited time to add to your cart, and make your purchase.

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