How to hide as a count on Instagram – for your own posts and others

Instagram and Facebook are being tested Hiding like a count For many years now, but social networks are finally ready to bring the feature to everyone. Today the company Announced Every Instagram and Facebook user will be able to hide their Like counts from the public. This feature is being rolled out on Instagram, the same functionality is coming to Facebook next week.

On Instagram, you can choose to hide favorites either for your personal post or for all posts – both yours and the ones you follow.

To hide likes in a single post, you can simply tap the three-dot menu button next to the image and select the new ‘Hide as Count’ option from the menu. Very easy

If you want to hide pre-emptively likes before a specific post, you can find the option under the ‘Advanced Settings’ button that appears on the last page before you share the post.

Finally, if you want to avoid seeing favorite things in any posts in your feed, you can find the option by going to the new ‘Post’ settings section. You will also see a prompt when you open Instagram shortly, whether you want to activate the feature right now.

Instagram says that during its testing period, it was found that it liked to hide.It was beneficial for some and annoying for others, especially since people use calculations to get a sense of something moving or popular. “Now you have the option to go either way, so you can live your own truth.

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