How David Boranaz moves the ‘seal team’ finale to Paramount + move (exclusive)

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Speller warning! Go ahead if you haven’t seen Wednesday’s season 4 finale “Seal Team”.

Seal team “ A key member lost in the season finale, but it forced Bravo team members to make life’s major decisions. For Jason, that means operating as a team leader and as Jason Hayes, satisfaction with his new clarity. For the other members it means marriage (congratulations, Clay and Stella!) And ultimately a difficult decision to cope with their pain (Ray accepting his PTSD).

But as Jason seems to have his feet on the ground (for now), Wednesday’s finale made us a little worried about Bravo 1’s health. When he and crew members commemorated the life of Scott Carter, aka Full Metal, Jason had a painful headache that he removed as a symptom of an RPG attack. Could it be Or could it be more serious? “She’s going to dive deeper into another depth,” the series star and producer said David Boranaj ET explains.

With the “seal team” Moving to Paramount + For Weather season – It won’t kick off after a special four episodes on CBS – Boryanaz discusses the weather, which is a health problem and why she’s excited about going on stream.

ET: Full metal death forces the team to decide a really tough life. How do you shape this deficit team moving forward?

David Boranaj: For Jason, he’s definitely gotten a little better, so aware of his own pain and aware struggles that for many years he’s really been ignoring a lot of things. And I think what he was doing this season is he actually went through the ring of fire and came out better after the bell, the ashes can mix through everything. He is going to be a strong leader. Certainly someone who can be a little more stable and balanced and such time is not cheap at all. The metaphor for this is the representation of what a true leader is. As far as other people are concerned, I think they’ve all been out of season, and I don’t speak for their character, but I say they’ve come out a little better. Jason goes inside the wire with type ray, all those kind of things to move forward with the construction season finale. We have all come from big changes. How do we get back to them? Again, it represents how we perform and that is real. The death of the full metal affects the team, and that is the reality of nature.

The therapy scene between Jason and Ray was finally a particularly dynamic moment as Ray worked with his PTSD. Can you talk about filming that scene?

You should be able to ask what Jason learned before this, you should be able to open the door and only if you can’t override it. You have to open the type and that’s how you do it. That is their self-care. He may have been stubborn in tearing her down, he has now reached such a point that he recognizes it and is working on himself. It can change as a good, old man because he’s working on his own and it’s just a loss of war, marrying how to treat them when they get home and how to deal with it. Shooting that scene for us, it was ace in the way of the cross [Chulack] – I think Chris directed a remarkable job. How he engaged us while we were shooting. We set up some cameras and both brought out the emotions of the character, and how to get to those places was a bridge to each other. Especially for Ray, “Hey, I’m here, that’s what I’m suffering from,” to really open up. He had begun the healing process. That day was very emotional.

Jason Jason Hayes and Bravo seem to be figuring out how to survive as a team leader, there are the amazing headaches he’s getting that indicate he’s not 100 percent healthy. What is that

Yes I think that’s the reality of those guys and what they suffer from, side effects and what kind of treatments [they get]. They know exactly how they work. She’s going to take another deep dive, which I think is very exciting. It just represents, it’s what really happened. Maybe it’s the people … it happens to them. Whether it’s from an RPG that gets hit and it reflects the truth in their mental health and it may have triggered something. This is the beginning of opening and opening those doors. You can be a perfect leader if you are on the table more than burying it instead of suffering. That is him now. If he did, he would eventually destroy himself. I don’t think Jason Hayes would have been able to deal with all of them without the outlets he walked through this season and the people who helped him. I think we will see more of it.

There are also interesting changes on the horizon for the “seal team”. Move to Paramount +. Do you have a conversation that has a creative meaning?

It is a term used to describe a type of fluid. I believe this platform allows us to go deeper into storytelling places that would be great for our kind of show. Network television has allowed us to do a lot of great things, especially CBS has really allowed us to press a button. Now it’s like, “Okay, the pulses are off. We’re redesigning it to really be able to go into some great storytelling.” You get 1 18 more minutes of screen time. If you took our show today, this is a network show you would probably say fits better on cable or stream on. I can agree with that because of how we told these stories. You always go away saying, “I wish we could perform this or we can do that.” Well, now that wish is coming true, and I think it will benefit us.

What are you excited about this move? Are there any things you are able to do or say?

We have to earn all those moments. I like the format of network television. The show allows us to open up more. I’m just excited with that tune and being able to get more into these stories to be able to overcome those challenges and be more honest with them. The emotional part of the season finale, you will see broken after the death of Jason Metal, we can go deeper into that. It’s exciting for me, especially as a character to continue with that character.

Do you have an early idea of ​​what the big strokes are for next season?

That is being worked on. We’re working on it right now, so I don’t want to give anything away because we’re moving along with it. I would say it’s going to be fun and better. I can say that because A) we are going to the platform and B) the richness of the characters now. The season was a little more emotional than we ever had. Now, we can better balance that with action and emotion. It helps us open the program and takes you to places we didn’t think possible.

ET and Paramount + are both subsidiaries of ViacomCBS.

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