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Hong Kong’s legislature has strongly supported a “patriotic regime” electoral reform system that limits the political status of the autonomous region to those who support China.

The new electoral system was supported by an overwhelming majority of Hong Kong’s political body, in favor of the 0 vote, and two dissenters passed it into law and the city would adopt it.

Electoral reform modifies the need for a “patriotic regime” that would ban people from political office who show loyalty to Hong Kong and China, support the region’s basic laws and pass national security checks. It also halves the number of seats in the chamber to one-fourth.

The Reform Elect Electoral System Bill 2020 was first introduced to the Legislative Council of Hong Kong on April 1, 2014. With the election of the Legislative Committee for December 1 for and the race for the position of Chief Executive of the region on March 22, 2022, it will also be illegal for this person. Calling voters to leave ballot papers blank.

Baiji claims that it is designed to address the existing changes in Hong Kong. “Disadvantages and shortcomings” In a system that threatens national security in the autonomous region and mainland China.

The region’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, claims that security will be strengthened and change will help heal. “Internal riots separate Hong Kong” And address “Excessive politicization in society.”

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Opponents of the change have argued that Beijing has been forced to increase its control over Hong Kong through the changes since pro-democracy lawmakers cleared the constituency last year. Critics of the Chinese government believe the new screening process will end democracy in Hong Kong and allow the Beijing office to run for office.

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